Project Service Automation Solution

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The following entities are included in this solution.

Name Display Name Description
account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
bookableresource Resource that has capacity which can be allocated to work.
bookableresourcebooking Represents the line details of a resource booking.
bookableresourcebookingheader Shows the reservation table where the summary of resource bookings are persisted.
bookableresourcecategory Resource category master used to categorize people and equipment.
bookableresourcecategoryassn Association entity to model the categorization of resources.
bookableresourcecharacteristic Associates resources with their characteristics and specifies the proficiency level of a resource for that characteristic.
bookingstatus Allows creation of multiple sub statuses mapped to a booking status option.
characteristic Skills, education and certifications of resources.
contact Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.
invoice Order that has been billed.
invoicedetail Line item in an invoice containing detailed billing information for a product.
lead Prospect or potential sales opportunity. Leads are converted into accounts, contacts, or opportunities when they are qualified. Otherwise, they are deleted or archived.
msdyn_accountpricelist Sales price list for this customer to capture special pricing agreements for products, roles and categories.
msdyn_approval Container for approvals.
msdyn_batchjob Placeholder for workflows used for machine learning scenarios.
msdyn_bpf_665e73aa18c247d886bfc50499c73b82 Base entity for process Project Stages
msdyn_bpf_d8f9dc7f099f44db9d641dd81fbd470d Base entity for process Invoice Process
msdyn_characteristicreqforteammember Characteristic requirement for team member
msdyn_contactpricelist Specific sales price list for this customer to capture special pricing agreements for products, roles, and categories.
msdyn_contractlineinvoiceschedule List of dates that shows when invoicing for this customer should be run. This list is used by the invoice creation job.
msdyn_contractlinescheduleofvalue List of billing milestones and invoice amounts for this project contract line.
msdyn_dataexport Data export entity for the actual entity.
msdyn_delegation Delegation of time, expense entities among users
msdyn_estimate Labor, cost, and revenue estimates for a project.
msdyn_estimateline Estimates on a per day timescale.
msdyn_expense Main container that holds expense information.
msdyn_expensecategory Main container that holds expense category information.
msdyn_expensereceipt Table that contains expense receipt information.
msdyn_fact Aggregated fact entity for actual transactions.
msdyn_fieldcomputation Product properties whose values are to be considered as factors for quantity computation on a transaction line.
msdyn_findworkevent Entity used for counting the number of times resources apply for open positions and other behavioral attributes of resources.
msdyn_integrationjob Staging table for integration data
msdyn_integrationjobdetail Staging table for integration data lines
msdyn_invoicefrequency Setup entity for invoice schedules.
msdyn_invoicefrequencydetail List of days expressed as dates or day of week for a specific invoice schedule template.
msdyn_invoicelinetransaction Transactions that are associated to an invoice line.
msdyn_journal Unposted business transactions, for example, time and expense.
msdyn_journalline Unposted business transaction line details.
msdyn_mlresultcache Cache for scored work items per resource that are returned from Azure Machine Learning.
msdyn_opportunitylineresourcecategory List of roles that will be considered as costs when understanding the profit of an opportunity line.
msdyn_opportunitylinetransaction Sales estimate detail of an opportunity line.
msdyn_opportunitylinetransactioncategory List of transaction categories that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of an opportunity line.
msdyn_opportunitylinetransactionclassificatio List of transaction classification heads, which are four broad cost categories of time, expense, material, and fee, that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of an opportunity line.
msdyn_opportunitypricelist Sales price list that will used by the opportunity to set default sales prices on all project-based components such as time and expense.
msdyn_orderlineresourcecategory List of roles that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a project contract line.
msdyn_orderlinetransaction Sales estimate detail of an project contract line.
msdyn_orderlinetransactioncategory List of transaction categories that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a project contract line.
msdyn_orderlinetransactionclassification List of transaction classification heads, which are four broad cost categories of time, expense, material, and fee, that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a project contract line.
msdyn_orderpricelist Sales price list used on the contract to set default sales prices on all project-based components such as time and expense.
msdyn_organizationalunit Division of the company or organization that has a specific cost price list associated to it.
msdyn_postconfig Enable or disable entities for Activity Feeds and Yammer collaboration.
msdyn_postruleconfig Enable or disable system post rules for an entity for Activity Feeds and Yammer.
msdyn_processnotes Stores messages or notes relevant to an operation or process executed by an entity.
msdyn_project Delivery entity in an engagement.
msdyn_projectparameter List of settings that determine the behavior of the project-based service solution.
msdyn_projectparameterpricelist Set of default cost and sales price lists that the company uses when there are no specific pricing agreements for cost and sales.
msdyn_projecttask Tasks related to project.
msdyn_projecttaskdependency Dependency data between tasks.
msdyn_projecttaskstatususer User status for project tasks.
msdyn_projectteam Entity used to model relationship between resources and project teams.
msdyn_projectteammembersignup Entity used to capture all resources that have applied for open position on projects.
msdyn_quotelineanalyticsbreakdown Reporting entity that is used to show quoted sales and estimated cost amounts by various dimensions.
msdyn_quotelineinvoiceschedule List of dates on which invoicing for this customer should be run. This list is used by an invoice creation job.
msdyn_quotelineresourcecategory List of roles that will be considered as costs when understanding the profit of a quote line.
msdyn_quotelinescheduleofvalue List of billing milestones and invoice amounts for this quote line.
msdyn_quotelinetransaction Sales estimate detail of a quote line.
msdyn_quotelinetransactioncategory List of transaction categories that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a quote line.
msdyn_quotelinetransactionclassification List of transaction classification heads, the four broad cost classifications of time, expense, material, and fee, that will be considered as costs when computing the profit of a quote line.
msdyn_quotepricelist Sales price list that will used by the quote to default sales prices on all project-based components such as time and expense.
msdyn_requirementresourcecategory Requirement Resource Category
msdyn_resourceassignment Entity used to keep track of resource assignment header information on tasks.
msdyn_resourceassignmentdetail Entity used to keep track of resource assignment details on tasks.
msdyn_resourcecategorypricelevel List of prices by role on a price list.
msdyn_resourcerequest Entity that wraps the resource requirement to capture the type of resources, skills, and location required.
msdyn_resourcerequirement Entity used to track the high-level information about resource requirements.
msdyn_resourcerequirementdetail Entity used to track the detailed information about resource requirements.
msdyn_rolecompetencyrequirement Entity used to associate skills in a role.
msdyn_roleutilization Gathers data about utilization per role to display in a chart
msdyn_timeentry Entity used for time entry.
msdyn_timeoffcalendar Relationship table for time off calendar entries.
msdyn_transactioncategory Business transaction categories to classify costs and revenue.
msdyn_transactioncategoryclassification Entity used to associate a category broadly as time, expense or material.
msdyn_transactioncategoryhierarchyelement Hierarchical relationship of the transaction category with a root node.
msdyn_transactioncategorypricelevel List of prices by category on a price list.
msdyn_transactionconnection System entity used to establish connections between the cost, unbilled revenue, and billed revenue components of a transaction as they happen.
msdyn_transactionorigin System entity used to record the source of a project cost or sales actual.
msdyn_transactiontype Broad classification, such as time or expense, and the context such cost, unbilled revenue, or billed revenue of a project actual.
msdyn_userworkhistory Entity used to look up resources based on demonstrated skills.
msdyn_workhourtemplate Template where resource working hours can be saved and reused.
opportunity Potential revenue-generating event, or sale to an account, which needs to be tracked through a sales process to completion.
opportunityproduct Association between an opportunity and a product.
opportunitysalesprocess Base entity for process Opportunity Sales Process
pricelevel Entity that defines pricing levels.
product Information about products and their pricing information.
quote Formal offer for products and/or services, proposed at specific prices and related payment terms, which is sent to a prospective customer.
quotedetail Product line item in a quote. The details include such information as product ID, description, quantity, and cost.
ratingmodel Represents a model to evaluate skills or other related entities.
ratingvalue A unique value associated with a rating model that allows providing a user friendly rating value.
salesorder Quote that has been accepted.
salesorderdetail Line item in a sales order.
systemuser Person with access to the Microsoft CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft CRM database.
task Generic activity representing work needed to be done.


The following actions are included in this solution.

Name Description
msdyn_AcceptProposedBooking For internal use only.
msdyn_AcceptTeamRecommendation For internal use only.
msdyn_AddInvoiceLineDetails For internal use only.
msdyn_applyworktemplate For internal use only.
msdyn_ApprovalStatusApprove For internal use only.
msdyn_ApprovalStatusReject For internal use only.
msdyn_AssignGenericResource For internal use only.
msdyn_AutoGenerateProjectTeam For internal use only.
msdyn_batchentityCUD For internal use only.
msdyn_BulkCreatePredecessorsForTask For internal use only.
msdyn_BulkDeletePredecessorsForTask For internal use only.
msdyn_ChangeRequestStatus For internal use only.
msdyn_CloseAllOpportunityQuotes For internal use only.
msdyn_CloseQuoteAsLost For internal use only.
msdyn_CloseQuoteAsWon For internal use only.
msdyn_CompleteResourceRequest For internal use only.
msdyn_CopyProject For internal use only.
msdyn_CopyRelatedProjectEntitiesFromTemplate For internal use only.
msdyn_CopyWbsToProject For internal use only.
msdyn_CorrectInvoice For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateContractLineDetailsFromEstimate For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateContractSpecificPriceList For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateEstimateLines For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateEstimatesForProjectTask For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateExtensionRequirement For internal use only.
msdyn_createinvoicefrominvoiceschedule For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateQuoteLineDetailsFromEstimate For internal use only.
msdyn_CreateSharepointDocumentLocation For internal use only.
msdyn_DeleteEstimateLines For internal use only.
msdyn_ExpenseEntriesApprove For internal use only.
msdyn_ExpenseEntriesPendingApproval For internal use only.
msdyn_ExpenseEntriesRecall For internal use only.
msdyn_ExpenseEntriesReject For internal use only.
msdyn_ExpenseEntriesSubmit For internal use only.
msdyn_FetchProjectCalendarWorkHours For internal use only.
msdyn_FulfillResourceDemand For internal use only.
msdyn_GenerateContractLineInvoiceSchedule For internal use only.
msdyn_GenerateContractLineScheduleOfValues For internal use only.
msdyn_GenerateQuoteLineInvoiceSchedule For internal use only.
msdyn_GenerateQuoteLineScheduleOfValues For internal use only.
msdyn_GetBookingDetailsByResource For internal use only.
msdyn_GetCollectionData For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractBillingRadialGaugeData For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractDetailedTransactions For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractEffortRadialGaugeData For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractLineChargeability For internal use only.
msdyn_GetContractLines For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDataForContractPerformance For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDataForRadialGauge For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDocumentManagementSettings For internal use only.
msdyn_GetDocumentStorePath For internal use only.
msdyn_GetGenericResourceDetails For internal use only.
msdyn_GetMyChangedSkills For internal use only.
msdyn_GetOfficeGroupForEntity For internal use only.
msdyn_GetPrice For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProcessNotes For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProductLine For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProductLines For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectCoparticipation For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectCurrencies For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectDetails For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectMapForContractLine For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectMapForQuoteLine For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjects For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectsForContract For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectsForQuote For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProjectTaskCategories For internal use only.
msdyn_GetProposedResources For internal use only.
msdyn_GetQuoteLineChargeability For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceAvailability For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceAvailabilitySummary For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceBookingByProject For internal use only.
msdyn_GetResourceDemandTimeLine For internal use only.
msdyn_GetTimelineData For internal use only.
msdyn_GetTransactionUnitPrices For internal use only.
msdyn_GetUserTimeZoneName For internal use only.
msdyn_IndentWBSTask For internal use only.
msdyn_InvoicePaid For internal use only.
msdyn_InvoiceRecalculate For internal use only.
msdyn_IsProjectTemplatesView For internal use only.
msdyn_JoinProjectTeam For internal use only.
msdyn_LoadFactTableEstimate For internal use only.
msdyn_LogFindWorkEvent For internal use only.
msdyn_MarkIntegrationJobAsFailedAsync For internal use only.
msdyn_MoveDownWBSTask For internal use only.
msdyn_MoveProject For internal use only.
msdyn_MoveUpWBSTask For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_ExportToProject For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_GetFindResourcesURL For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_LinkToProject For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_PublishToExistingProject For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_ReadFromExistingProject For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_ReadProjectTeamMembers For internal use only.
msdyn_MSProject_UnlinkFromProject For internal use only.
msdyn_NewInvoiceContract For internal use only.
msdyn_OutdentWBSTask For internal use only.
msdyn_PostInvoice For internal use only.
msdyn_PostJournal For internal use only.
msdyn_ProjectTeamMemberSignUpProcess For internal use only.
msdyn_ProjectTeamUpdateMembershipStatus For internal use only.
msdyn_ReadEstimateLines For internal use only.
msdyn_recallrequestforrequirement For internal use only.
msdyn_RecommendWork For internal use only.
msdyn_RejectProposedBooking For internal use only.
msdyn_ResAssignResourcesForTask For internal use only.
msdyn_ResGetResourceDetail For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceAssignmentDetailUpdate For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceReservationCancel For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceSubstitution For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceUtilization For internal use only.
msdyn_ResourceUtilizationChart For internal use only.
msdyn_SaveProjectLineTasks For internal use only.
msdyn_SetDefaultRole For internal use only.
msdyn_SubmitCategoriesAndPriceLists For internal use only.
msdyn_SubmitRolesAndPriceLists For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesApprove For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesCopyPaste For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesPaste For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesPendingApproval For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesRecall For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesReject For internal use only.
msdyn_TimeEntriesSubmit For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateAllEstimatesForProject For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateChangedSkills For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateEffortContour For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateEstimateLineDetails For internal use only.
msdyn_UpdateEstimateLines For internal use only.
msdyn_updateprojecttask For internal use only.
msdyn_updateremainingresourcerequirement For internal use only.
msdyn_ValidateFixedPriceLineTotals For internal use only.

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