Enrichment of company profiles with Leadspace (preview)

Leadspace is a data science company that provides a B2B Customer Data Platform. It enables customers with unified customer profiles for companies to enrich their data. Enrichments include additional attributes such as company size, location, industry, and more.


To configure Leadspace, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • You have an active Leadspace license and the “perpetual key” (referred to as Leadspace token). Contact directly Leadspace for details about their product.
  • You have Administrator permissions.
  • You have unified customer profiles for companies.


  1. In audience insights, go to Data > Enrichment.

  2. Select Enrich my data on the Leadspace tile.

    Screenshot of the Leadspace tile.

  3. Select Get Started and then enter an active Leadspace token (perpetual key). Review and provide your consent for Data privacy and compliance by selecting the I agree checkbox. Confirm both inputs by selecting Connect to Leadspace.

  4. Select Map data and choose the data set you want to enrich with company data from Leadspace. You can select the Customer entity to enrich all your customer profiles or select a segment entity to enrich only customer profiles contained in that segment.

    Choose between customer profile and segment enrichment.

  5. Click Next and define which fields from your unified profiles should be used to look for matching company data from Leadspace. The Name of company field is required. For a higher match accuracy, up to two other fields, Company website and Company location, can be added.

    Leadspace field mapping pane.

  6. Select Apply to complete the field mapping.

  7. Select Run to enrich the company profiles. How long an enrichment takes depends on the number of unified customer profiles.

Enrichment results

After refreshing the enrichment, you can review the newly enriched company data under My enrichments. You can find the time of the last update and the number of enriched profiles.

You can access a detailed view of each enriched profile by selecting View enriched data.

For more information, see Leadspace APIs.

Next steps

Build on top of your enriched customer data. Create segments, measures, and even export the data to deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

Data privacy and compliance

When you enable Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to transmit data to Leadspace, you allow transfer of data outside of the compliance boundary for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, including potentially sensitive data such as Personal Data. Microsoft will transfer such data at your instruction, but you are responsible for ensuring that Leadspace meets any privacy or security obligations you may have. For more information, see Microsoft Privacy Statement. Your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Administrator can remove this enrichment at any time to discontinue use of this functionality.


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