User permissions

The Permissions page is where you'll set up roles and permissions for using audience insights.

You need to have administrator permissions to see the page. To access the permissions page in audience insights, go to Admin > Permissions.

There are three types of roles:


  • Explore insights and segments within the Home and Segments pages.
  • Search and filter customer profiles using the Customers page. Fields must be searchable.
  • View and explore the Enrichment page.
  • Explore and export entities using the Entities page.
  • View the status of system processes using the System page.
  • View exports in Exports page.
  • Install and use the Power BI Customer Insights dashboard.


  • All permissions available to the Viewer.
  • Load and transform data using the Data sources page.
  • Complete the Data Unification sections (Map, Match, and Merge) which result in the unified customer profile entity.
  • Define Relationships and Activities.
  • Create segments using the Segments page.
  • Create measures using the Measures page.
  • Manage configuration and enrich customer profiles from the Enrichment page (for first party enrichments only).
  • Manage and create exports based on connections shared with contributors. Learn more about how administrators allow contributors to use a connection for exports.


  • All permissions available to the Contributor.
  • Change settings on the System page, including the working language and refresh schedules for your system processes.
  • View and add permissions using the Permissions page.
  • Set search and filter definitions for the Customers page using the Search & filter index page (accessible via the Customers page).
  • Manage connections and allow them for other user roles on Connections page.
  • Manage configuration and enrich customer profiles from the Enrichment page (for all enrichments).
  • Manage and create exports on Exports page.
  • Install and use the Customer Card Add-in.
  • Add and use the Power Apps connector.
  • Enable usage of Customer Insights APIs.

Assign roles and permissions

  1. In audience insights, go to Admin > Permissions.

  2. Select Add users to open the Add/Edit permissions pane.

  3. Use the Search field to find the Azure Active Directory user or group whose permissions you want to adjust. Select a Role to assign to that user or group.

  4. Select Save. The current environment will automatically be shared with the user or members of the group whose permissions you've changed. Users can access the Customer Insights app and work according to their specified role.

View current permissions

In audience insights, go to Admin > Permissions to see what role assignments are currently active.

  • The Type column specifies a single user, group, or application. The system supports individual users and groups.
  • Roles are specified under the Role column.
  • Select any column title to sort the results by that column's value.
  • Use the Search field at the top of the page to locate specific users.