First run experience

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Engagement insights, a capability of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, lets you collect and measure customer behavior on your website. This article explains how to sign up for engagement insights, set up a workspace, add members to it, and make changes.

Sign up for a demo of engagement insights

You must have an active Microsoft Azure Active Directory user account.

  1. Open the engagement insights website.

  2. Sign in with your school or work account.

  3. Select your region, and use the check box to indicate whether you want to opt in to receive updates and offers via email.

  4. Review the engagement insights (preview) Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, and then select Explore the demo to accept them.

  5. Explore the product using a set of sample data.

Set up your first workspace in engagement insights

A workspace is how you store and manage events and reports.

To create your first workspace

  1. In engagement insights, select Connect your data to start the wizard.

Customer Insights page with connect your data button.

  1. Choose the type of activity that you want to measure in a new workspace. Currently, only Website activity is available. App activity and Device activity will become available in future releases.

  2. Select Next to confirm and create the workspace.

  3. Add a code snippet to your website to start receiving data in engagement insights. You can implement this right away or share the code and instructions with your website admin. To find the code snippet later, go to Admin > Workspace > Installation guide.


    Data will not show in the workspace until the code has been implemented on your website.

  4. Select Done to open your new workspace.

Add members to an existing workspace

By default, only the person who created the workspace has access to it. You can add other users from your organization to an existing workspace at any time.

Members page with callout on Add Members button.

  1. Go to Admin > Workspace > Members.

  2. Select Add members. Use the Members box to add other people in your organization. You can add multiple members at once.

  3. Select a Role to assign to the new members. Currently, Workspace admin is the only available selection. Other roles will be added in future releases.

  4. Select Add members to confirm.

To remove members from a workspace, select ... next to their names on the Members page and then select Delete from the dropdown menu.

Edit a workspace

You can edit the details of existing workspaces at any time.

Workspace settings page with callout on workspace name and description.

  1. Go to Admin > Workspace > Settings.

  2. Change the Name for your workspace.

  3. Select Save to apply your changes.

Add another new workspace

Customer insights page with callout on navigation pane and description.

You can create additional workspaces to classify your data.

  1. In the workspace picker, select New workspace.

  2. Enter a Name and an optional Description.

  3. Select Create.

Switch between workspaces

To change between workspaces, select the workspace switcher. You can also create a new workspace, or select Web Sample to see reports and try features using sample data.