Create and modify events

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

An event is data that represents user behavior, like activity on a website.

  • A base event records when a user views a page (view event) or interacts with content (action event).
  • A refined event is a virtual view of a base event. You define refined events by removing and adding properties or by filtering events based on property values.


To get events, your website data needs to first be connected to engagement insights with a code snippet. For more information, see Install the web SDK on a website.

Connect your data first.

Create refined events

Use refined events to reduce the scope of a base event for export or to remove properties that aren't necessary for exposure.


Once you add the web SDK to your website, you can view your base events and create refined events.

To view your base events:

  1. Go to Data in the left navigation pane.

  2. Select Events to see a list of all the events in the workspace.

    View events.

To create a refined event from a base event:

  1. Go to Data > Events and select + New events at the top of the screen.

  2. In the New events dialog, select Create refined events and then select Next.

    New events wizard.

  3. In the New events dialog, enter the following information:

    • Select an event from the Base events dropdown.
    • Enter a name in the Refined events display name box.
    • Optionally, update the suggested Actual name without using spaces.
  4. Select Create to apply your settings.

The refined event now appears in your Events list.

Edit event name

You can change the name and the properties of a base or refined event.

  1. Go to Data > Events.

  2. Select More [...] for an event and select Edit name.

    Options to create refined events.

  3. Update the event name and select Rename.

View the details of a refined event:

  1. In the Event list, select your base or refined event.

  2. Select Add and remove properties at the top of the screen to open the Edit properties pane.

    Add and remove properties.

  3. Use the check boxes to select the properties that you want to show and the ones you want to hide.

    Edit properties for refined events.

  4. Select Confirm to apply your selection, and then select Save.

Edit selected properties for a refined event

  1. Go to Data > Events and select the refined events to open the detailed view.
  2. Select Add and remove properties.
  3. Edit the selection of the check boxes.
  4. Select Confirm and then Save to apply the changes.

For information about exporting events, see Export events.