Create and manage capacity profiles

You can create capacity profiles to define the types and amount of work that agents can take. Capacity profiles improve efficiency in work distribution.

  • Capacity management helps administrators create various capacity profiles and associate users with the matching profiles.
  • The supervisor has the flexibility to use the agents for maximum customer services while the agents have the control to work on the maximum number of cases assigned to them daily. The capacity is not considered during consult or monitor.
  • The administrator has the capability to block certain period of agents' time while they are busy working with high priority cases.
  • The supervisor can override the agent's configured capacity and assign work to user manually.
  • The administrator can set the profile-based capacity in the work distribution settings, but the capacity profile can be overridden in work classification.
  • In the queue assignment rule, you can create a rule to find an agent whose capacity profile matches that of the work item.


We recommend that you configure either capacity profiles or capacity units in your organization, but not both.

Create a capacity profile and assign to users

Create a capacity profile, and use it in a workstream that is used for routing work items. More information: Configure work distribution.

For a capacity profile, you can edit any setting except reset frequency, and add or remove users. If you no longer require the profile, you can delete it.

Perform the following steps to configure the capacity profile:

  1. In Omnichannel admin center, select User attributes under Advanced settings in the site map. In Customer Service Hub, select User attributes under Unified routing in the site map.


In Customer Service Hub, the User attributes area will appear in the site map only if unified routing is enabled in service configuration settings.

  1. On the User attributes page, select the Manage option for Capacity profile.
  2. On the Capacity profiles page, select Create new.
  3. On the Details tab of the Create capacity profile dialog box, enter the following details:
    • Profile name: Name for the capacity profile.
    • Work item limit: Number of units of the work type that the agent can be assigned.
    • Reset frequency: Period after which capacity consumption can be reset for agents. If you select Immediate, capacity will be reset immediately. If you select End of day, capacity will be reset after the agent's shift ends. Once configured, you'll have to recreate the capacity profile if you want to change the reset frequency.
    • Assignment blocking: Set the toggle to Yes. When the agent reaches the work item limit of the capacity profile, any new work items won't be automatically assigned to the agent.
  4. On the Users tab, select Add user, and in the Users list, select the users.


    Users must be configured as a bookable resource to be assigned the capacity profile. More information: Manage users.

  5. Select Add user. The capacity profile is assigned to the user.


In Omnichannel Administration, you can create a capacity profile in the Capacity area of the User page.

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