Customer Service Team Member app

With the entry-level Team Member license, you can now address self-service support scenarios for your employees using the new Customer Service Team Member app module. Employees can create cases for their problems, such as laptop issues, HR queries, and administrative needs, and interact with agents through the commenting feature. They can also search the knowledge base for solutions pertaining to their problems.

Install Customer Service Team Member app

The Customer Service Team Member app must be manually installed in your instance and the Customer Service Team Member role assigned to the users before they can access it.

  1. As an administrator, sign in to Dynamics 365 Administration Center, and select Manage Solutions. The Manage your Dynamics 365 instances page appears.
  2. Select the instance in which you want to install the Team Member app, and select the edit icon beside Solutions. The Manage your solutions page appears.
  3. Select Customer Service Team Member Anchor, and select INSTALL. The solution is installed and the STATUS column in the table displays "Installed".
  4. Grant the Customer Service Team Member role to the users who will access the app. To learn about granting the role, see Assign a security role to a user.

Change the default account

You can update the default account that appears for employees when they are creating a case. Perform the steps outlined in this section to update the default account.


Do not modify or update the default account that is available out of the box with the app; instead, deactivate the out-of-the-box account, and configure a new account and set it as the default.

  1. In your instance, log on to Customer Service Hub as an administrator, and create an account.
  2. Retrieve the account record ID from the URL where you created the account.
  3. Go to, and select Solutions.
  4. In the Solutions list, browse and select Customer Service Team Member.
  5. On the Solutions > Customer Service Team Member page, select Default customer account. The Edit Default customer account dialog box appears.
  6. Under Current value, select New value.
  7. In the box that appears, paste the account ID that you had copied in step 2, and select Save. The account that you have chosen is set as the default account.

Use the Customer Service Team Member app

In the Customer Service Team Member app, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create cases, read, and update the cases that you created.
  • Use the comments feature for your cases to interact with agents.
  • Search and view knowledge articles.
  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365, and select Customer Service Team Member.

  2. Select Cases. The Active Cases created by me page appears.

  3. Select New Case. The New Case page appears.

  4. Enter the following details on the Summary tab:

    • Case Title: Specify a title.
    • Subject: Specify the subject.
    • Product: Select the product category.
    • Description: Specify a description that summarizes the problem.


    The Customer value is not available for editing; it is mapped to the "Default account" that is configured by your administrator.

  5. Select Save. The Comments section appears on the page that can be used to provide additional information.

  6. Select New Comment. The New Comment page appears.

  7. In General > Description, enter additional information that would be useful in addressing the problem.

  8. Select Save. The Timeline section is enabled where you can add notes and upload files pertaining to the problem.

    New comment

  9. (Optional.) Select Enter a note to add notes and attach files.

  10. Select Save & Close. The Active Cases created by me page appears.

  11. Select Knowledge Search to search for articles pertaining to your problem area that may help in addressing the issue. To learn more, see Independent knowledge base search.


    "Send article URLs" is not supported in the Customer Service Team Member app.

  12. If you want to close a case after it has been resolved, you can select the case on the Active Cases created by me page and click Close Case. Alternatively, you can close the case on the My Case page.

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