Email FAQs and known issues

Find answers to common questions regarding the email experience features and functionality, configurations, and other key concepts.


I've enabled an email form but it doesn't display.

If you've enabled an email form but it is doesn't display, you'll need to enable it in the App Designer by doing the following: 

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. In Application settings, select *Apps.

  4. Select More commands icon More Options on Customer Service Hub.

  5. On the App Designer drop-down menu, select Open.

  6. On the site map, select the edit feature.

  7. Under the Email form selector, select the drop-down menu to display the Email forms you have enabled.

    If the form isn't displayed in the list, it hasn't been enabled.

  8. To enable a form, go to Main Forms and select the form.


You can't change the display order under Main Form. You must go back to the Form Order to change the display order.

Navigate to settings

Select Apps under Application settings

Select More Options

Select Open

  1. Add the email template and signature link to the site navigation by going to the site map and doing the following:

    a. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings.

    b. Select Settings.

    c. In Application settings, select *App.

    d. Select More Options on the Customer Service Hub tile.



    f. Select the pencil icon to edit.

    Select edit icon

    g. When the site map opens, create a new group for templates by selecting New subarea.

    Select New subarea

    h. Select email templates or email signature.

    i. Add a title. (This is the name that will show instead of New subarea when saved.)

    j. Save and publish. A link is added to the site map.

    Site map link

Known issues

  • Verbatim HTML tags, such as href=””, have their value removed if they aren't encoded in the experience by email templates from the legacy app. This is because the content sanitation library was upgraded to include this safety improvement in Dynamics 365. You can resolve this issue by manually encoding the value.

    Manually encode HTML tag values