Enable entities for service level agreements

Service level agreements are not just important in the customer service space, but also for sales and marketing to ensure efficient handling of leads from start to finish.

Previously, you could only create SLAs for the following entities:

  • Account

  • Case

  • Contact

  • Order

  • Invoice

  • Quote

  • Opportunity

  • Lead

  • All activity entities like email, phone, and appointment, except recurring appointment and its instances.

    SLAs can also be enabled for custom entities and custom activities.


Only enhanced SLAs can be created for other entities. A standard SLA can be created only for the Case entity.

To enable an entity for SLA

  1. Make sure that you have the System Administrator or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions.

    Check your security role

  2. Go to Settings > Customizations.

  3. Select Customize the System.

  4. In the solution explorer, in the left nav pane, select the entity that you want to enable for SLA.

  5. Under Communication & Collaboration, select the Enable for SLA check box.

  6. Select Save.

  7. Select Publish.


  • The maximum number of entities that can have active SLAs for your organization is 7.
  • The maximum number of SLA KPIs allowed per entity for your organization is 5.

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