Service Manager Guide (Customer Service Hub and Customer Service app)

The Service Manager guide helps the admins to set up everything related to customer service, like defining parent-child case hierarchy, creating queues, routing rule sets, rules for automatic case creation, service level agreements (SLAs), entitlements, and customer service schedules.

With the new release, the Service Manager moves under the Customer Service Hub, enabling customer service managers to access the configurations from inside the application. Built on Unified Interface, the new Service Management helps to easily configure service tasks, thus enabling increased productivity.


With the latest release of Dynamics 365 Customer Service app, you can access and manage all admin settings from the Customer Service Hub sitemap except for Routing Rule Sets, Automatic Record Creation, and Service Level Agreements.
To access and manage these three admin settings, go to Settings > Service Management in the Customer Service web application app.

Access Service Management

Customer Service Hub

Use the Service Management to set up various admin tasks for customer service.

In the bottom left pane, select the change area, and select Service Management.

More information: Understand the sitemap navigation


Customer Service app

In the Customer Service app, navigate to Settings > Service Management.


Case settings


Parent Child Case Settings

Routing Rule Sets

Automatic Record Creation


Service terms

Service Level Agreements


Holiday Schedule

Customer Service Schedule

Service Configuration Settings


Entitlement Templates

Knowledge Base Management

Embedded Knowledge Search


Similar Record Suggestions

Suggest similar cases using advanced similarity rules

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