Business intelligence, reporting, and analytics

Chapter 13

In this chapter, we discuss how businesses use data to make informed decisions. We cover the evolution of business intelligence solutions, and how your organization can build a data estate based on modern components, on top of solutions that support augmented analytics and embedded intelligence. We help you define and create reporting and analytics strategies to help gain deeper insights from the data being collected.

Chapter objectives

  • Read about the importance of data, breaking out of silos, and using the digital feedback loop.

  • Learn about the evolution of business intelligence, reporting, and analytics.

  • Explore what a reporting and analytics strategy looks like.

  • Build a data strategy to modernize your data estate.

  • Understand the components of a modern data estate.

What’s new

In addition to updated graphics, we’ve provided updated text for readability and added information to the Export to Azure Data Lake section.

Case study

A large company that supplies luxury vessels invested in reporting and business intelligence to help gain better insight into their clients based on sales, marketing, and finance data with Dynamics 365 and Power BI. The implementation brought a 70 percent increase in overall sales which led them to create a centralized hub for all activities, further uncovering market trends to better serve their customers.