Process-focused solution

Chapter 7

In this chapter, we discuss the importance of having a process-focused approach to the implementation process. We provide information on how to find opportunities for optimization, how to define the scope of the implementation with your requirements, and how to create a process-centric implementation lifecycle.

Chapter objectives

  • Learn how to start your implementation project with business process thinking and why it should be an ongoing practice within your organization.

  • Understand the business processes as a common business language.

  • Discover how to use business processes to further optimize your solution.

  • Define the scope of your implementation and your solution requirements.

  • Learn more about how business processes help you make a good fit-to-standard and fit-gap analysis.

  • Connect your implementation lifecycle to your processes.

What’s new

In addition to updated graphics and new sidebars, we updated text for readability.

Case study

Microsoft has performed many implementations and seen the strengths and weaknesses of each approach depending on the work that needed to be done. This case study explores an organization that started the implementation to replace various parts of their ERP, CRM, and legacy products, initially taking a more traditional process that ultimately led to a lot of extra work, and many parties who didn’t feel confident in their understanding of the work they had approved. Based on that feedback, the organization shifted to a process-focused approach that helped give everyone involved a better understanding of the vision and scope of the work.