Project governance

Chapter 8

Our objective in this chapter is to provide an overview of the importance of good project governance. We discuss recommended practices to define the different areas of project governance and assess the effectiveness of your governance. We also describe in more detail some of the key areas of project governance and the specific considerations that can help stakeholders, project leaders, and implementation teams increase their chances of success.

Chapter objectives

  • Learn the importance of good project governance.

  • Identify your project goals.

  • Understand the implications of project organization types on project velocity and effectiveness.

  • Explore different project implementation approaches.

  • Assess the effectiveness of classic project governance processes.

  • Understand how to embed good governance processes into key project areas.

  • Learn how a well-structured project plan can help monitor and improve project and governance outcomes.

What’s new

In addition to updated graphics, we provide updates to the text for readability and more in-depth information within the key project areas section.

Case study

This case study highlights an enterprise moving to Dynamics 365 that did not define clear governance processes for the project, leading to problems like low-quality deliverables and a delayed go-live. This prompted them to rework their project to define their project governance more clearly, allowing them to redefine more realistic timelines and avoid other high-cost impacts.