Testing strategy

Chapter 14

In this chapter, we discuss the value of having a solid testing strategy in place early on for your implementation and how to build a testing strategy that works for you. We explain the importance of testing your solution before it goes live to discover any defects in the process as early as possible, allowing time to address them.

Chapter objectives

  • Learn about the value of testing.

  • Read about the different types of testing.

  • Explore how to define a test strategy.

  • Determine how to plan for testing at the right time with clear scope.

What’s new

We’ve updated and added new graphics. We also introduced a new concept to map project scope to test scope, and we adjusted the chapter structure.

Case study

A recreational vehicle manufacturer implemented Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and created a testing strategy with four cycles, including user acceptance testing (UAT), but did not include performance testing in their plan. Several of the initial cycles ran smoothly, but when the third did not, they decided to move forward anyway in hopes of resolving the issues during UAT. This resulted in a near full stop of business on the second day of the go-live, underscoring the importance of performance testing for all future phases.