Get Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO)

There are two ways to get Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO):

  • Buy an RSO license
  • Request a trial from your local Microsoft representative

Option 1: Buy an RSO license

In order to get access to RSO, you must first have access to Field Service. If you already have Field Service installed, skip to step 4.

  1. Purchase Field Service. Go to the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Admin Center > Billing > Purchase Services.

  2. Find and buy whichever Field Service license works best for you and your organization. Visit the Field Service pricing page for more information. And for even more details, visit the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide (PDF).

  3. After purchasing, install Dynamics 365 Field Service.

    • Go to Admin Centers > Dynamics 365 > Instances.
    • Select your instance and choose Solutions.
    • Select Field Service and choose install.

Screenshot of the Dynamics 365 admin center on the Instances tab

  1. Purchase RSO. Go to the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Admin Center > Billing > Purchase services. The price of RSO is based on the number of resources whose schedules are optimized.

Option 2: Request trial

Request a trial environment from your local Microsoft representative.

Next steps

After purchasing RSO, follow the RSO deployment steps.