Specify skills for resources in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Characteristics are skills that resources possess. For example, they can be used to indicate a license or certification is needed for certain types of work.

Adding characteristics to work orders allows you to document which knowledge or expertise is needed by a resource to complete the job, and to filter the list of available resources to the resources that have the matching characteristics when scheduling the work order.

Add characteristics

  1. From the main menu, open Resource Scheduling and then choose Settings.

  2. Under the Resource section, choose Skills.

  3. Select New to add characteristics.

Assign characteristics to resources

  1. From the main menu, go to Field Service > Administration, and then choose Bookable Resources. You'll then see the Active Bookable Resources screen, where there's a list of all available resources in the system.

    Note: More information: Set up bookable resources

  2. From the list, select a bookable resource name.

  3. Go to the Characteristics section, and on the left, select +Add Bookable Resource Characteristics record.

  4. Find and select the required Characteristics and add a Rating Value for the resource.

  5. Select Save & Close.

Assign characteristics to work orders

  1. Open a work order. More information: Create a work order

  2. From the top bar, select the drop-down arrow next to the work order number, and then select Characteristics.

  3. On the Work Order Characteristics Associated View screen, select +Add new Work Order Characteristics to this record.

  4. Find and select the required Characteristics and add a Rating Value.

  5. Select Save & Close.

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