Known issues with self-service deployment


Functionality noted in this topic will be made available to users based on the geographic location recognized by Microsoft Azure.

This topic describes the known issues with self-service deployment.

Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Features not intended to be implemented

The following LCS features will not be implemented in self-service deployment.

  • System diagnostics - All data and functionality provided by system diagnostics today will be available through other features in the product and LCS.
  • Service requests - Service requests are being replaced with self-service actions.

Known issues in this release

Know issues are bugs that will be addressed in upcoming releases. Every 2 weeks there is a new release of LCS.

Finance and Operations apps


Dynamics 365 Commerce is implemented in the modern deployment experience with the 10.0.10 release. For more information, see Create payment packaging for Application Explorer for self-service deployment.

Features not intended to be implemented

The following feature will not be implemented in self-service deployment.

  • Custom fonts - Custom fonts are not supported. For more information, see Document Reporting Service in Dynamics 365 applications.
  • Customizations related to UI components on self service - Customizations that do not use the standard Financial Reporting or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in Finance and Operations apps often take a dependency on UI components of the operating system where the AOS runs. Example dependencies include Windows fonts, web browsers such as Internet Explorer, or custom PDF rendering. We do not ensure the host operating system will include any support for font infrastructure, web browsers, or any general UI components. The host operating system will change when migrating to self-service infrastructure. If you have such dependencies and have additional questions, please contact Microsoft support.

Features no longer supported

The following feature is no longer supported with self-service deployment.


Customizations relying on FTP are not supported with self-service deployment and should consider the following actions.

  • Add retries - This should be viewed as a short to medium term option. The current infrastructure design allows control and data calls to occasionally have matching IP. This design is subject to change.
  • Disabling the FTP requirement for control and data that is from the same IP - Carefully evaluate the security implications for your situation in this case.
  • Remove the use of FTP - For example, use Power Apps to pull the files in and make API calls into Finance and Operations apps to import the files using the Data Integration framework. For more information, see Choose a data integration strategy.
  • Use SFTP - We do not recommend using static outbound IP addresses. For more information, see the Finance and Operations Static IP Addresses blog post.

Our general recommendation is to remove the use of FTP. Do not use a direct connection from Dynamics 365 to an SFTP. Instead, use a Logic App in between the two. With the Logic App you have two options: