Configure proxies for on-premises environments

You may want to secure the Dynamics 365 Finance + Operations (on-premises) environment behind a proxy. Proxy is a server that hides the actual servers that are serving traffic from the clients. The proxy server accepts requests from the clients on behalf of the environment and forwards the traffic to it. The clients are not aware of the actual servers that compose the environment. This adds another measure of security and enables load balancing.

Configure the proxy

Perform the following steps in each node of type OrchestratorType in the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric cluster.

  1. Use remote access to connect to the Orchestrator virtual machine (VM).

  2. Execute the following PowerShell script to retrieve the path of the machine.config file.

  3. Edit the machine.config file to add the following code example.

     	<defaultProxy enabled="true" >
     		<proxy <<<SET YOUR PROXY SETTINGS>> />
  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the virtual machine.

The above procedure must be performed for all Orchestrator node VMs.

Safe list URLs

The LocalAgent needs to communicate with Azure resources. As a result, the following URLs should be added to a safe list on the proxy or firewalls so that all OrchestratorType nodes can access them: