Custom Help Toolkit: The ConvertHtmlToJson tool

The Custom Help Toolkit includes the ConvertHtmlToJson tool, which converts HTML files to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files. The search service uses the JSON files to index Help content.

Use the ConvertHtmlToJson tool to generate JSON files

The ConvertHtmlToJson tool transforms HTML files into JSON files. You can then add the JSON files to the Microsoft Azure Search service, which will generate context-sensitive links to your Help content.

The JSON files include metadata that the indexer uses to identify the form and language that the target Help page is intended for.

Here is the syntax for running ConvertHtmlToJson.exe.

ConvertHtmlToJson.exe --h <path> -j <path> --v <true|false>

Here is an explanation of the parameters.

Parameter Description
h Specify the path of the HTML files to process.
j Specify the folder to save the JSON files to. The specified folder must already exist.
v Set this parameter to true to turn on verbose logging. Otherwise, set it to false.


The following example generates JSON files without verbose logging.

ConvertHtmlToJson.exe --h D:\D365-Operations\d365F-O\supply-chain\de -j D:\D365-Operations\json\supply-chain\de

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