Available mobile workspaces

This topic lists the mobile workspaces that are available for use with the Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations mobile app.

Mobile workspace Description Availability
Company directory Allows you to view and contact other employees in your organization. June 2017
My team You can view your direct reports and extended staff, as well as send praise for individuals in your reporting chain. June 2017
Invoice approval Provides a listing of invoices that have been assigned to you through the vendor invoice header workflow process. June 2017
Expense management You can capture and upload a receipt, so that you can attach it to an expense report later. The mobile workspace also lets you quickly create an expense line by using an attached receipt. April 2017
Purchase order approval View and respond to purchase orders with actions such as approve or reject. April 2017
Project time entry You can enter and save time against a project by using your mobile device. March 2017
Cost controlling Cost center managers can see the performance of the cost center. January 2017
Inventory on-hand Gain insights into reserved and available inventory. January 2017
Sales orders You can stay up to date on your sales orders. January 2017
Vendor collaboration Vendors can stay up to date on the purchase orders that have been sent to them for approval. They can also view information about new and updated purchase orders and contacts. January 2017
Asset management This workspace lets users view and create maintenance requests and work orders. Users can also view the assigned work order jobs in a calendar or list view. Assets and functional locations can also be viewed and searched for. October 2019