Add-ins overview

Add-ins provide a way to extend the functionality of Finance and Operations apps. All add-ins are installed and managed via the environment details page for sandbox and production environments in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). For more information about the architecture and how to unlock this feature, see Microsoft Power Platform integration with Finance and Operations apps.

What add-ins are available?

New add-ins are made available on a regular basis. This section describes the add-ins that are currently available and provides links to more information about each.

Planning Optimization

The Planning Optimization Add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables master planning calculation to occur outside Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and the related SQL database. The benefits that are associated with the Planning Optimization functionality include improved performance and minimal impact on the SQL database during master planning runs. Quick planning runs can be done even during office hours. Therefore, planners can immediately react to demand or parameter changes. To learn more, see Planning Optimization overview.

Inventory Visibility

The Inventory Visibility Add-in is an independent and highly scalable microservice that enables real-time tracking of on-hand inventory. Therefore, it provides a global view of inventory visibility. To learn more, see Inventory Visibility Add-in.

Export to Azure Data Lake

The Export to Azure Data Lake feature is based on a microservice that exports Finance and Operations app data to Azure Data Lake and keeps the data fresh. To learn more, see Configure export to Azure Data Lake.

IoT Intelligence

IoT Intelligence is an add-in for Supply Chain Management. It integrates Internet of Things (IoT) signals with data in Supply Chain Management to produce actionable insights. To learn more, see IoT Intelligence home page.