Copy a batch job

When you want to create the same jobs for different legal entities, you can use the copy batch job functionality to copy an existing batch job and the batch tasks, including recurrences.

You can set the description, company, schedule start date and time, the recurrence, and the run by account at the same time. When you copy the batch job, any alerts and dependencies from the source job will also be copied.


This feature is available as of Platform update 20.

Copy a batch job

Complete the following steps to copy a batch job.

  1. Click System administration > Inquiries > Batch jobs.
  2. Select the job that you want to copy, and on the Action Pane, click Batch Job > Copy batch job.

Copy Batch Function.

  1. Enter or add any changes. If you set View tasks to Yes, when you click OK you will go directly to the Batch tasks page for the copied job.

Copy Batch Form.


The copied batch job will be created with a Withhold status, so you will need to enable it. The Run by user can also be set to give this user the privilege to run the job without being a Sys Admin.

Enable the batch job

Complete the following steps to enable a batch job.

  1. On the Batch job page, on the Action Pane, click Batch job > Change status.
  2. Select the Waiting status, and then click OK.