Set the session idle timeout


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The session idle timeout setting represents the amount of time a user can be inactive before the user's session times out and closes. It only affects user browser sessions.

You can set the values from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

This function has a default value of 30 minutes. You can set the value up to 60 minutes, however doing so might cause extra load on the system.


This feature is available as of Platform update 29.


If you previously set a session idle timeout in the web.config (WebClientStatefulSessionTimeoutInSeconds key) through a support request, then that old value will still be honored. The change in default will only affect those who had not explicitly set a new session idle timeout in the web config.

To change the value, follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, select the System Administration workspace.

  2. Select System Settings. This opens the System parameters page.

  3. In the Session management section, set Session idle timeout in minutes.

  4. Select Save.

    If you set the value to greater than 30, you will be prompted to confirm your selection. The confirmation prompt says "Increasing the idle session timeout can cause extra load on your system, which can lead to a decrease in performance. Are you sure you want to continue?" The higher the value, the higher the load will be, which can affect negatively system performance. Select Yes to save the changes, or No to revert to the existing value.