Close Accounts receivable

The following table lists the pages that support the close Accounts receivable business process.


To open some of the pages in the table, you must enter information or specify parameter settings.

Business process component task

Close periods in the general ledger

Page name Usage
Batch job View or create batch jobs. Batch jobs might not be completed, and you want to make sure that all posting is completed.
Confirm sales order Update sales orders.
Foreign currency revaluation Generate transactions that update the value of open customer transactions in foreign currencies.
Journal Post invoices, payments, and promissory notes.
Journal voucher
  • Payment journal – Generate, process, and post payments.
  • Draw bill of exchange journal – Post bills of exchange.
  • Protest bill of exchange journal – Post protested bills of exchange.
  • Redraw bill of exchange journal – Post redrawn bills of exchange.
  • Remittance journal – Post remittances.
  • Settle bill of exchange journal – Post settled bills of exchange
Packing slip posting Update packing slips for sales orders.
Post free text invoice Post free text invoices.
Posting invoice Post invoices for sales orders.
Posting picking list Update picking lists for sales orders.

Business process component task

Create and submit the EU sales list

Page name Usage
EU sales list Report on European Union (EU) sales to the tax authority for value-added tax (VAT) declaration purposes.