Belgium overview


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now being licensed as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. For more information about these licensing changes, see Dynamics 365 Licensing Update.

This topic includes information and links to resources that should be considered for legal entities with a primary address in Belgium.

Coda bank statement

CODA is a report format that is used in the Belgian electronic banking system. For more information, see CODA bank statement.

Export ledger transactions

You can export ledger transactions for a specific interval, such as a fiscal year as an ASCII file in the CED format. You can use batch processing to export transactions. To set up batch processing, go to General ledger > Periodic > Export ledger transactions.

INTERVAT tax declaration

For information about how to set up and create the INTERVAT tax declaration for legal entities in Belgium only, see INTERVAT tax declaration. For information about standard reports that can help you with the INTERVAT tax declaration and reconciliation analysis, see Reconciliation reports for Belgium.

Reports for Belgium

Report How to get to the report Additional information
Belgisch Luxemburgs Wissel Instituut (BLWI) report Tax > Declarations > Foreign trade > BLWI To set up BLWI information, see Set up payment balance reporting (Belgium). To generate the BLWI report, see Create and transfer transactions to the BLWI (Belgium).
PRODCOM report Tax > Declarations > Foreign trade > PRODCOM Manufacturers of industrial products send the PRODCOM report to the Nationaal Instituut voor de Statistiek (NIS) in response to the routine PRODCOM survey. The PRODCOM report displays production statistics for industrial products that are manufactured by production companies operating in Belgium. This report is typically used by accounting managers and accountants. For more information, see Set up and maintain PRODCOM.

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