Creating New Companies in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition

In Dynamics 365, the containers for business data that belongs to a business unit or legal entity is referred to as a company. When you sign up for Dynamics 365, you are given a demonstration company and an empty company, My Company. Switching between the companies is easy - just got to My Settings and move to the other company. But you can also create new companies in Dynamics 365, depending on your business needs. When you create a new company, an assisted setup guide helps you get the basics in place. Then, you can import relevant data from your legacy system or another company in Dynamics 365.

Create New Company

If you decide to add a company to your Dynamics 365, you can use the Create New Company assisted setup wizard to get you started. The setup wizard is available from the Companies window and from the lookup in the Company field in My Settings.

The setup wizard offers three templates:

  • Suite Evaluation
    This creates a company that is similar to the demonstration company with sample data and setup data.
  • Suite Production
    This creates a company that is similar to My Company with setup data but without sample data.
  • New
    This creates a blank company without setup data.

If you want to get started easily with a new company, choose Suite Production and then import your own business data, such as customers, items, and vendors. Choose the New template if you want to set everything up from scratch. In that case, you can use the Company Setup assisted setup wizard to help you get started with essential setup data.


When you create a new company, it takes a few minutes before you can access it in Dynamics 365. The setup status in the Companies window shows when the new company is ready for you. Then, you can switch to the new company by using My Settings.

During your 30 day trial, you can create any number of new companies, but they will only be available during your trial. For more information, contact your Dynamics 365 partner.

Company Setup

When you sign in to a new company, the Company Setup wizard runs automatically and helps you get started. You will be asked for information about your business, such as the address, bank details, and inventory costing method. We ask for this information because it is used as a basis for many areas in Dynamics 365 that you will then not have to set up manually later.

For example, your company address is included in invoices and other documents, your bank information is used in payments, and the costing method is used to calculate prices as well as inventory valuation.

Once you have the basics in place, you can set up remaining core areas. Then, you are ready to add business data, such as customers and vendors. For more information, see Setting Up Dynamics 365 Business edition .

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