Managing Bank Accounts

At regular intervals, you must reconcile your bank ledger entries in Finance and Operations, Business edition with the related bank transactions in bank accounts at your bank, and then post the balance to your bank account. You can perform this task either as part of processing the payments represented on a bank statement in the Payment Reconciliation Journal. Alternatively, you can perform the task separately from payment processing, in the Bank Acc. Reconciliation window, which supports check ledger entries. In both cases, you fill in the windows by importing the bank statement into Finance and Operations, Business edition.

Sometimes, you need to transfer amounts between bank account in Finance and Operations, Business edition to reflect transfers at your bank. You perform this task in the General Journal window, in different ways depending on the currency of the funds.

Before you can manage bank accounts, you must set each bank account up as a bank account card. In addition, you must set up electronic services that you may use for bank statement import and payment file export. For more information, see Set Up Bank Accounts.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Reconcile bank accounts in connection with payment processing in the Payment Reconciliation Journal window. Applying Payments Automatically and Reconciling Bank Accounts
Reconcile bank accounts, including check ledger entries, as a separate task in the Bank Acc. Reconciliation window. Reconcile Bank Accounts Separately
Post transfers between bank accounts in the same currency or in different currencies. Transfer Bank Funds

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