Bulk Invoicing for Microsoft Bookings in Dynamics 365

If your company uses the Bookings app in Office 365, you can do bulk invoicing for appointments. The Uninvoiced Bookings page in Dynamics 365 provides a list of the company's completed bookings. In this page you can quickly select the appointments that you want to invoice and create draft invoices for the services provided.

Connect to Bookings

To connect your Dynamics 365 with Bookings, you must specify your Bookings company, what to synchronize with Bookings, how often to synchronize, and which templates to use. You set up this information in the Booking Sync. Setup page, which you can launch from the Exchange Sync. Setup page, which you can find through Search.

For example, if you want to synchronize customers between Bookings and Dynamics 365, you must specify the default template to use to add new customers in Dynamics 365 based on the customers in your Bookings company.

Invoice Appointments

When it is time to send invoices for the completed bookings, you go to the Uninvoiced Bookings page. Depending on how often the information is synchronized, the list is long or short. You can create invoices for all bookings in the list or one booking at a time. You can select one or more entries in the list and invoice those only.

The support for invoicing appointments from Bookings is simpler than the fuller workflow of working with sales quotes, sales orders, and sales invoices. For more information, see How to: Invoice Sales. You can choose to sell your services using Dynamics 365 or choose to use Bookings, depending on your business needs.

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