What's new in Dynamics 365 - Gamification

Welcome to Dynamics 365 - Gamification. Here's a list of features we've added or updated, and a list of issues we've resolved.

If you are new to Gamification, see Keep your employees engaged and productive by using Gamification.

The two core components of Gamification are the solution, which is installed from AppSource and integrated in Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.2, and the web portal, where all the fun happens.

Update 2019.1.4

Resolved issues

  • Improved the reliability of game data synchronizing from the Gamification portal to Dynamics 365 apps.
  • Improved the reliability of points calculation from Dynamics 365 apps to the Gamification portal.

Update 2018.4.17

Resolved issues

  • Users in child business units now get promoted to Game Managers when they get the Game Manager role assigned in Customer Engagement.

Update 2018.3.29

New and improved features

Resolved issues

  • Narrator now reads out the page name and application name correctly when keyboard focus shifts to Settings tab of window.

Update 2018.2.11

New or improved features

  • The shortcut to help articles is now accessible when using a keyboard for navigation.

  • Images throughout the solution and web portal now have proper alt text.

  • Additional information about certain fields and controls are now accessible when using a keyboard for navigation.

  • Screen readers now read the label of a checkbox when selected.


  • Newly assigned Game Manager roles in Dynamics 365 apps now sync automatically with the Gamification web portal. Administrators don't need to manually trigger an update of the user data after updating the solution to at least version 2018.2.11.

Update 2018.2.9

Resolved issues

  • Screen readers now read labels of radio buttons and checkboxes when configuring KPIs in a Unified Interface app.

  • Screen readers now treat navigation elements consistently in all web applications.

  • Buttons in Gamification settings can no longer be selected when they're disabled.

  • Drop-down menus on the KPI form in Unified Interface apps now show proper values to choose from.

  • To avoid server timeout, the user synchronization workflow now has more time to complete.

Update 2017.10

New or improved features


  • This update introduces significant changes to user management for Gamification. Instead of the Gamification web portal, security roles for users are now managed the same way they're managed in Dynamics 365 apps.
    The security role KPI manager is now called Game manager. If a user has the Game Manager security role assigned in a Dynamics 365 app, they get promoted to game manager in Gamification and can continue to create and edit KPIs in Dynamics 365. To promote a user to a Commissioner role in Gamification, a global admin is required to assign the user the Global Admin or Dynamics 365 Service Admin role in the Admin Center. More information: Available security roles

  • Administrators can now connect multiple Dynamics 365 organizations from the same tenant to the same Gamification web portal. This maintains a shared experience across organizations. More information: Set up a connection to a Dynamics 365 organization

Web portal

  • Gamification now supports multiple Dynamics 365 organizations in the same tenant. Game managers and players can select the organization when they select the game they want to work with. Badges and awards are based on the player's profile and shared across all connected organizations.

Resolved issues

  • Duplicates in player data records sometimes caused an issue with an aggregation worker. Duplicates are now deleted automatically to mitigate this issue.

Update 2017.05

New or improved features


  • Simplified the steps to activate the Gamification web portal and connect it with Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.2. More information: Activate Gamification in Dynamics 365

  • Introduced a KPI type, User activity tracking, to award points based on a user's activity in Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.2.

  • Introduced Delta settings, a scoring condition for KPIs that is based on the difference (the delta) between two attributes.

  • Introduced Scoring behavior, a setting for configuring the time at which points are assigned for a given KPI. By default, points are always assigned based on the current state of the record. More information: Configure and edit KPIs in Dynamics 365 apps

Web portal

  • Added Stream TV backgrounds.

  • Updated the experience for Game setup and for creating and editing Stream TV.

Resolved issues

  • Improved the reliability of user data synchronization between Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.2 and Gamification.

  • Improved the reliability of sending KPI data to Gamification.