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Review this page for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Dynamics 365 migration program.

Q. What is the Dynamics 365 migration program?

A. The Dynamics 365 migration program enables qualified on-premises customers to simplify and accelerate their move to the cloud. It does so by offering end-to-end migration support working directly with Microsoft advisors and specialized migration providers.

The migration program offers access to a dedicated team of migration advisors, migration assessments, pricing offers, tools, and migration support for qualified Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM customers. Check out these migration customer-story videos for Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM.

Q. How do I get started with the Dynamics 365 migration program?

A. The Dynamics 365 migration program is available globally to qualified Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM on-premises customers. Talk to your Microsoft representative or partner to check if you qualify. Join the Dynamics 365 Migration Community for questions.

Q. Which geographies will offer Dynamics 365 migration?

A. The Dynamics 365 migration program is available to qualified Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM customers globally.

Q. How does the Dynamics 365 migration program work with partners?

A. Partner expertise is key to delivering on the Dynamics 365 migration program. Microsoft highly encourages the customer to loop partners into the process to get the most value out of the assessment.

Q. What is the urgency to make the migration? On-premises works fine, why should I bother?

A. As regulations are updated, you might be exposed to compliance and security risks. More importantly, customers who have migrated get the benefits of Dynamics 365. From an economic perspective, they're able to move from on-premises to the cloud and get potential savings by not managing servers and large IT teams or making periodic upgrades. From a performance perspective, Dynamics 365 offers a modern web platform and allows integration with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI). Migrating to Dynamics 365 will give you the flexibility and scalability to grow, access unified real-time data, and improve security, privacy, and reliability. You can be assured you'll always have the latest software version.

Q. When is the end of support for Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM?

A. End-of-support dates vary by product—see Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM product lifecycles for details. After the extended support end date, no further patches or security updates will be available.

Q. With Dynamics AX end of support approaching and no new version upgrades, why should I continue paying for the enhancement plan?

A. The business-ready enhancement plan (BREP) is essential to your ongoing success while you plan what’s next for your ERP. You'll get critical updates to help protect your investment through the end of the extended support period. These updates include security, tax, and regulatory releases to keep your organization compliant and safe. Additionally, customers get access to thousands of hours of online training and technical support.

To further help you in your transition, we have several offers. Get in touch with your Microsoft contact or partner for information about the latest cloud transition offers.

Q. Isn’t end of support just an excuse to sell customers something new?

A. There's a cost to continue supporting multiple versions of software, and newer versions include more advanced, built-in features. We recommend that after 10 years, customers move to the current versions to get the most advanced security and cost/performance benefits, in addition to getting regular security updates.

Q. What is Microsoft standard migration assessment (SMA)? Is your cloud migration assessment a sales commitment in disguise?

A. An assessment is the first step on your cloud journey, which will help to align your business objectives to the Dynamics 365 platform value proposition and define your upgrade process, budget, and timeline.

There are no strings attached to our standard migration assessment. We understand that migration is hard, and we want to help our existing loyal customers on this journey by offering a jump-start to the process. At the end of the assessment, you'll decide whether to execute the migration, continue with more detailed analysis, or wait until you're ready.

Q. What is the Dynamics 365 Migration Community?

A. Dedicated to helping Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM customers still considering their move to the cloud, the Dynamics 365 Migration Community connects customers to the expertise necessary to make informed, timely migration decisions. With the community, the program is centralizing all our migration resources, enabling customers at any stage or experience level to:

  • Connect with technical experts, migration partners, and fellow customers.
  • Explore TechTalks, FAQs, and customer evidence for cloud insights and best practices.
  • Ask questions or start a discussion in devoted Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM forums.
  • Participate in community events to advance their migration and product knowledge.

More questions?

Join the Dynamics 365 Migration Community to connect with experts, partners, fellow customers, and resources for timely answers to your migration questions.

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