The Dynamics 365 Human Resources User Guide provides you with instructions on setting up Human Resources, setting up compensation and benefits for your employees, and managing your workforce.

Set up Human Resources

Configure Human resources parameters
Configure Human resources shared parameters
Set up Human resource workflows
Understand Date and Time fields

Configure organization settings

Organization administration home page
Number sequences overview
Organizations and organizational hierarchies overview
Global address book overview
Workflow system overview
Alerts overview
Electronic signatures overview
Case management overview
Configure document management
Configure and send email
Date/time data and time zones

Manage personnel

Organize your workforce
Set up the components of a job
Define departments
Define jobs
Use workflows to manage employee information
Modify reporting relationships for a position
Enter worker information
Loan items to workers
Enter project timesheets
Mass hire projects
Set up positions
Set up injury and illness information

Set up compensation plans

Compensation plans overview
Set up compensation grids
Develop a compensation structure and plan
Create fixed compensation plans
Create variable compensation plans
Enroll employees in a fixed compensation plan
Enroll employees in a variable compensation plan
Define compensation process and calculate results
Process compensation plans

Manage benefits

Preview feature: Benefits management
Define and manage a benefits program
Benefit eligibility policies
Benefit eligibility process
Define benefit eligibility rules and policies
Deliver an employee benefits program
Create new benefits
Enroll workers in benefits
Manage benefit expiration dates
Generate ACA reports

Manage leave and absence

Configure leave and absence parameters
Create a working time calendar
Create a leave request workflow
Configure leave and absence types
Create a leave and absence plan
Assign workers to a leave plan
Accrue leave and absence plans
View analytics for leave and absence
Manage leave and absence requests
Request time off
View team and company calendars

Develop employees

Performance management overview
Align workforce skills
Add to your performance journal
Create a goal
Create a performance review

Create courses

Set up training courses
Questionnaires overview
Design questionnaires
Distribute and schedule questionnaires
Distribute questionnaires using scheduling
View questionnaire results
Analyze questionnaire results
Create an open-ended question
Create a closed-ended question
Create a dependent question