Use the Employee Return to the Workplace app

This article provides step-by-step instructions about how to use the Employee Return to the Workplace app. You can check in, answer questions to determine whether you're eligible to enter a facility, and say how you feel about returning to the workplace.


Get started with the app

Open the app from your device and sign in with your company's Azure Active Directory account. You can view all apps shared by your organization after you sign in. More information: Power Apps mobile device sign in, Power Apps web browser sign in

When you successfully sign in and open the Return to the Workplace app, you can get a day pass, look up facility status, or answer the employee sentiment question.

Welcome screen.

See the reopen status of a facility

You can find all available facilities and see their reopen status. Select Look Up Status to look for facilities and view details such as whether the facility is open and what phase of reopening it's in.

List of facilities.

When you select a facility from the facility list, the current status of the facility and associated details are displayed. You can also book a space directly from the LOOK UP STATUS screen. When a facility isn't available, the BOOK A SPACE button is disabled. Select < to return to the previous screen.

Facility details.

Check in to a facility

After you complete the steps to select a particular facility that's open to employees returning to work, you can complete a health survey that determines whether you're eligible to check in to that facility.

If you're eligible, you'll be given a pass to your selected building for that day.

To check in to a facility

  1. Select GET DAY PASS.

  2. Select an available facility from the facility list or select from the Saved facility shortcut if applicable. In the Recent section, you'll find the facilities you most recently used. The Saved facilities and the Recent facilities section show the available facilities based on their phase and the earlier bookings. When a facility isn't available, the two sections get disabled when a booking isn't available.

  3. Select BOOK A SPACE to continue with the check-in process.

    Select facility.

  4. Select an available area within that facility. Select See All Available to show the available areas. Select Save as default for future check ins to save the area to reuse on future check-ins. Select NEXT to continue with the check-in process.

    Select area.


    When a facility has no available areas to reserve, the area booking screen is skipped for the user. The pass is generated only for that facility and not the area.

  5. Select a time window for arrival at the facility. Select NEXT to continue with the check-in process.

    Select Time.


    • For a facility, you can indicate a time window in which people can check in—30 minutes, 1 hour, or none. When the time window is not filled or is none, this screen will be skipped.
    • An administrator can choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour time format display in the app by configuring it in solution settings.
  6. Accept the terms and agreements.

    Terms and agreements.

  7. Review the list of symptom check statements. Select I AGREE if you agree with the statements, and I DISAGREE if you don't.

    Symptom check.


If the Vaccination attestation setting is enabled and Attestation required is set to No, then the General & Health Terms & Agreement screens will be bypassed and an employee pass will be generated.

Employee pass

If your responses to the symptom check statements show that you're healthy, you'll receive a pass to enter the selected facility. The pass is valid until the end of the day. If you create a pass for a facility for which you already created a pass earlier that day, the earlier pass will be canceled automatically.


An administrator can disable the use of QR codes in the solution settings. This applies to both employee and guest passes.

If the administrator enabled QR codes in the solution settings, a QR code will be displayed on the pass (default). You can select the QR code to expand it for easy scanning.

Employee pass.


An administrator can enable the vaccination attestation feature in the solution settings.

If the administrator enabled Vaccination attestation in the solution settings and the employee has an approved vaccination attestation, a pass with a green check mark will be generated.

Employee pass

To cancel your pass, select CANCEL PASS. Select YES, CANCEL to proceed with canceling the pass or NO to keep the pass.

Employee cancel pass.

If your responses show you aren't healthy, you won't receive a pass. You'll be provided with contact information for the company health and safety department.

Not feeling well.


Currently, negative attestations are also stored in the solution settings. You can turn off this option if you don't want to store them.

Create a guest pass

After an employee creates a pass, the REGISTER A GUEST option becomes available. If the employee does not have a valid pass, the REGISTER A GUEST option is disabled. An employee can create multiple guest passes.


In the solution settings, an administrator can disable the REGISTER A GUEST option. This removes the option from the screen as well.

To create a guest pass:

  1. Create a pass for yourself as described in the previous section.


  3. If a user has registered a guest before, five recent guest names are displayed. Select one of the recent guests or enter new guest details. To register a new guest, enter the details in the fields:

    Field Description
    Guest First Name Enter the first name of the guest.
    Guest Last Name Enter the last name of the guest.
    Company Enter the company name of the guest.
    Email Address Enter the email address of the guest.
    Phone Number Enter the phone number of the guest.
  4. Select NEXT after you have entered all the details in the required fields.

  5. The Review Disclosure and Instructions screen shows information about privacy disclosures, health requirements, and instructions for the guests. Both fields can be expanded with the + icon. Select NEXT to see the generated guest pass with details.

  6. Select the X icon to return to the home page.

You can also access guest passes from the home screen by selecting the PASS icon at the top of the screen. Both the employee and guest passes can be seen on the screen. You can also share the guest passes by selecting the SHARE PASS button available on the guest pass.

Email guest pass

When a guest pass is created, you can share the pass with the guest through email by selecting the SHARE PASS button available on the guest pass. This sends the guest an email with the host name, facility, date, and hour of the reservation with a QR code.

Share guest pass.


In the solution settings, you can turn off the option to send email if you don't want to email guest passes.

Share sentiment

You can say how you're feeling about returning to the workplace. On the home page, select one of the options to answer the question Do you feel safe returning to work?

Share sentiment.

This option will reset itself after you reopen the app.

Share sentiment reset.


In the solution settings, you can turn this feature off if you don't want to use this.


Employees will receive notifications via the Employee app. You can find the notification icon displayed on the top-right corner. If there are any unread notifications, a badge will be displayed showing the number of unread notifications. Selecting the notification icon navigates the employee to a new screen where all the notifications are displayed. The newest notifications are shown on top of the list.

Notification bell.

A notification contains a created date, type, header text and a body. There are three types of notifications: Information, Warning, and Error. Each notification type can be identified by the icon next to the header text.

Notifications list.

A notification is marked as read when the notification is seen by the employee in the app. All the notifications that are read will be still shown in the notification screen. Employee can return to the main screen by selecting the X icon on the top-right of the screen.

Facility access not available

Case manager or facility manager can block the employees from making bookings to a specific facility, which makes the employees unable to reserve the facility. You'll see a banner appearing on the home screen, indicating Access is not available. An error notification will be received with further instructions.

When an employee is blocked, the health and safety instructions are shown on the bottom of the notifications screen.


The health and safety instructions can be configured in the solution settings.

Facility access is not available.

Submit a vaccination attestation (Preview)


Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change.

If you are vaccinated, you can submit a vaccination attestation.

You will see a Submit vaccination attestation button on the home screen if the Vaccination attestation setting is enabled in solution settings, and either no vaccination attestation has been submitted or the attestation has lapsed or has been declined.

Submit vaccination attestation button

Once you select this button, the Vaccination terms and conditions screen will open. Selecting Next will send you to the next screen, where you can enter the information for your vaccination attestation.


Vaccination terms and conditions can be configured from solution settings. Your organization is responsible for providing its own vaccination terms and conditions prior to collecting vaccine information.

Submit vaccination attestation

Selecting No for the Are you fully vaccinated? question will result in all of the fields being hidden and you will be unable to submit an attestation. If Yes is selected, the fields will be displayed.

The Next button on this screen will remain disabled until a date of last dose and vaccine type have been entered. If you select a future date, the button will be disabled. Once you enter the information and select Next, you'll be sent to the next screen, where you can upload an image of your vaccination record. This step is optional.


Employees can upload an image of their vaccination record or a screenshot of their SMART QR code. It is the customer's responsibility to set up the infrastructure to read and verify the information in the SMART QR code. More information:

Upload vaccination attestation image

Selecting Next on this screen finishes the process and the next screen will show you the status of your attestation. If manual verification is enabled in the solution settings, the status will be set to Pending review; otherwise, your attestation will automatically show Approved. If it is approved, you'll see the expiration date, and you will also be able to submit a new vaccination attestation.

Pending for review vaccination attestation

Approved vaccination attestation

Once a vaccination attestation has been submitted and it isn't declined or lapsed, the home screen Submit vaccination attestation button will be replaced with a View pending submission or View approved submission button, depending on the status of your attestation. Use this button to see your attestation's information and status.

View approved submission

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