Return to the Workplace solution

Reopen responsibly, monitor intelligently, and protect continuously with solutions for a safer work environment. Equip facility managers and task force leaders to make informed decisions to safely reopen locations. Empower employees to return confidently with self-service tools for working safely and productively. Help health and safety leaders ensure the care and well-being of your workforce.

The main modules of the Return to the Workplace solution include:

  • Location Readiness dashboard helps determine the readiness of the facilities and efficiently manage their safe reopening. Facility managers and task force leaders can use the Location Readiness dashboard to quickly make informed decisions by using critical factors like COVID-19 infection rates and the availability of supplies.

  • Facility Safety Management gives facility managers the tools they need to manage the reopening and readiness of the facilities. This helps organizations ensure that they can provide a safe working environment for employees to return to the workplace.

  • Workplace Care Management gives health and safety leaders the tools they need to actively manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from external systems to support case management and manual contact tracing. The Workplace Care Management dashboard enables monitoring of all the data from the Workplace Care Management app.

  • Employee Return to the Workplace offers your workforce the self-service tool that they need to feel confident about returning and remain productive while onsite. They can use Employee Return to the Workplace app to check in remotely and self-screen before entering a building.

  • Return to the Workplace portal allows third parties the ability to follow a similar self-service process as the employee. Allowing them to check in on invitation and self-screen before getting a pass. Users of the portal can even add new guests or dependents allowing for a more decentralized and scalable solution.

Licensing requirements

  • Power Apps per User plan or Power Apps per App plan

  • Power BI Premium or Power BI Pro license, if you'll be using the Power BI dashboard that's available as part of the solution

  • Power Apps Portals, if installed, can be provisioned without requiring a specific user license. Licensing is based on Page Views or Logins per 24 hours. See Licensing overview for Power Apps Portals below.

Contact your local Microsoft account representative for questions related to licensing as per your requirements.

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Task Description Target audience See
What's new? Provides an overview of the features added in the latest and previous releases. Business leaders What's new?
Download and deploy the solution Used by IT administrators to deploy the Return to the Workplace solution and set up users and security. IT administrators Deploy the solution
Upgrade the solution Used by IT administrators to upgrade to the latest version of the Return to the Workplace solution IT administrators Upgrade the solution
Configure the Return to the Workplace solution Used by IT administrators to set up and configure data related to workplaces and users who will use this solution. IT administrators Configure the solution
Use dashboards for insights and decision making Used by executive leadership to review the current data about their workplaces as it relates to COVID-19 conditions and facility readiness. These dashboards provide a comparison of selected measures and metrics associated with established goals or targets for the facilities in their locations, and respective phase rules or guidelines set for them by the government agencies. Executive leadership Location Readiness dashboard
Use the care management dashboard Used by Health and Safety leads to review employee cases. Health and Safety leads Workplace Care Management dashboard
Use the facility manager app Used by facility managers to develop and execute on reopening plans. Facility managers Facility Safety Management app
Use the employee app Used by employees who are seeking to return to the workplace. Employees can use this app to identify open buildings and self-attest to having no symptoms before returning to a reopened workplace. Employees Employee Return to the Workplace app
Use the care management app Used to manage employee cases. Case managers Workplace Care Management app
Use the portal Used by facility managers to give third parties access to the facility. Facility managers Return to the Workplace Portal

Feedback about the solution

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