Export or delete data from Microsoft Invoicing


Microsoft Invoicing has been retired.

Effective February 8th, 2020, Microsoft Invoicing is no longer available. For more information, contact your support agent.

Export all of your data

If you are an administrator, Invoicing provides an assisted setup guide that lets you export data for customers, prices, invoices, estimates, and payments to Excel, all in one go, and send the workbook to an email address. The Excel workbook will list the information on separate tabs. You can start the guide in two ways:

  • When you sign in, a notification displays. Start the guide by choosing Export.
  • On your Role Center, under Important News, choose Next steps.


Only system administrators can export data from Invoicing.

Export invoices only

If you just want to export invoices, on the Invoices list page, choose Manage and then Export invoices. Enter start and end dates for the period to export invoices for, and make sure that the correct email address is entered. Invoicing will export the documents to Excel, and then send the workbook to the email address.

Delete an existing customer

If you want to delete a contact or customer from Invoicing, it's easy to do.

  1. On your Home page, choose Customers to open the list of customers.
  2. Find the contact, and then choose the name to open the details.
  3. Choose the Delete action.


If you have already sent them an invoice, you cannot delete the customer. Instead, Invoicing can mark the customer as blocked for further business. That means that you cannot send them new invoices, for example.

If the contact has not been added as a customer, you can add them by creating a draft invoice.

Add a contact as a customer and then delete the customer

  1. On your Home page, choose New Invoice
  2. In the Customer Name field, start typing the contact’s name.
  3. Select your contact from the look-up, and then tab out.
  4. Delete the draft invoice that was just created.
  5. Follow the steps for deleting the customer as described above.

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