Analyze leads and lead performance

When a LinkedIn lead matches a lead record in Dynamics 365 Sales, the lead record is updated with additional information. In addition to the updates of individual lead records, charts on dashboards can represent the performance of a marketing campaign on LinkedIn.

See the details of a lead

To see the details of a lead record, go to Sales > Leads and select the lead record from the list. If the lead was created by the connector, the lead source is LinkedIn Sponsored Content. If an existing lead record was updated, the system updates the lead field values by using the information submitted by the lead on LinkedIn. More information about creating or editing a lead: Create or edit a lead.

Review and analyze leads and lead performance

  1. Information about the lead from LinkedIn
  2. Source from which the lead originated and the LinkedIn campaign related to this lead
  3. Forms submitted by this lead

Review the aggregated lead performance

Work with a dashboard containing charts about the source of new leads, or create new dashboards by using the charts that matter the most to get your reporting completed.

Review aggregated lead performance

When you create your own dashboard, consider adding a chart for the record type LinkedIn Form Submissions to see how your campaigns perform compared to each other. Or, you can create a Leads by Source chart for the record type Lead. Give it a try!

Add a component to dashboard

More information about building custom dashboards: Create or customize dashboards and Manage dashboard components.

Analyze individual LinkedIn Lead Gen forms and submissions

To see all form submissions, go to Sales > LinkedIn Lead Gen > LinkedIn Form Submissions. You can drill down to individual submissions to see the details of the lead and the information provided by the LinkedIn members when they answered the underlying LinkedIn Lead Gen form.

Analyze LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Establish and grow relationships with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics is an additional integration with separate requirements which might be a useful addition if your organization is already using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

To find out more about the capabilities or request a demo, head over to Sales Navigator from LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

Learn how to install the solution on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator help center.

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