Use marketing forms for event registration

The event management application now allows you to use marketing forms for event registrations. You can create forms with a variety of fields, embed forms on your website, and use the forms for event registration.

Create a marketing form for event registration

  1. Go to Marketing > Internet marketing > Marketing forms to go to the list of all forms currently available on your instance.

  2. Select New in the command bar.

  3. Choose the Event Registration Form template.

  4. The template will load into the form designer.

    Event registration form example

Settings in the header

The header settings are available at the top of the page. To edit the header settings, select the More header fields button (which looks like a down-pointing chevron) at the side of the header. The button opens a drop-down dialog with the following settings:

  • Name: Enter a name for the form. The form name you enter is the name you'll see in the forms list and when adding the form to an event page.
  • Form type: For event registration marketing forms, leave the selected form type set to Event registration.

Design customization, validating, and going live

You can customize your registration form's design and check for errors just as you would with any marketing form. You can even add custom fields or multi-select buttons. If no errors are returned after you validate your form, you are ready to go live to make your form available for use.