Re-run the Marketing setup wizard

In addition to helping you install Dynamics 365 Marketing for the first time, the setup wizard can also help you modify, maintain, or update your installation. You can do all of the following by re-running the setup wizard:

To re-run the Marketing setup wizard:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Microsoft 365 tenant using an administrator account that has a Dynamics 365 Marketing license assigned.

  2. Go to Resources > Dynamics 365 apps on the left navigation pane.

    Navigate to the Dynamics 365 apps.

  3. The list shows a row marked Dynamics 365 Marketing Application for each entitlement (license) you have for Dynamics 365 Marketing. Installed entitlements show a Status of Configured.

  4. Select the configured entitlement that you want to manage and select the three dots between the Name and the Status columns for the Marketing application.

    Choose an app and then select the Manage or Details link.

  5. To launch the Dynamics 365 Marketing setup wizard, choose Manage from the pop-up menu. A message will pop up informing you that you are going to the Dynamics 365 Marketing admin page. To go to the page, select OK.

    Dynamics 365 Marketing admin page prompt.

  6. The Marketing setup wizard opens. It shows the name of the Dynamics 365 Marketing instance you selected.

    Setup wizard running on an existing Marketing instance.

    If an update is available, then you'll see a notice and an Install button at the top of the page. More information: Keep Marketing up to date

    The following links can be available in the Other actions panel:

    • Configure your portal: This link is only shown if you have a Power Apps portal integrated with your selected Marketing instance. Select this link to go to the portal configuration where you can, among other things, restart the portal or remove it from your Marketing instance. More information: Administer your portal
    • Take me to the app: Brings you to Dynamics 365 Marketing.
    • Uninstall Marketing from this org: Removes Marketing from the selected instance. More information: Uninstall Marketing

    If your selected Marketing instance isn't currently integrated with a Power Apps portal, then you can set this up by selecting Use Dynamics 365 Portals or a Power Apps portal in the main area of the window. More information: Integrate Marketing with a CMS system or Power Apps portal