Overview of self-serve tutorials for converting 3D models for use with Dynamics 365 Guides and in mixed-reality components included in apps created with Power Apps

Three-dimensional models come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they're complex and require preparation before you can use them in mixed-reality scenarios. To make it easier to prepare your 3D models, we've created tutorials for several third-party computer-aided design (CAD) and digital content creation (DCC) programs. The goal of these tutorials isn't for you to become an expert at using these programs, but to guide you through the process of preparing your 3D models so you can achieve more with mixed reality.

Example of a 3D model.

CAD tutorials

If you use Autodesk Inventor or Dassault SOLIDWORKS, you can use built-in tools that can simplify complex components and make your 3D models perform better in mixed reality. Start with these tutorials to produce the highest-quality 3D models:

DCC tutorials

If your 3D models are in FBX, OBJ, or GLB file format, you can use any of the following tutorials to prepare your 3D models:


In addition to FBX, OBJ, and GLB, 3ds Max can import a multitude of file formats, including several native CAD formats.

Photogrammetry tutorials

If you're using photogrammetry software to create your 3D models, see these tutorials:

Point cloud tutorial

If you're converting a point cloud into a 3D model, see this tutorial:

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