Opt out of storing Dynamics 365 Guides events data in Common Data Service

Dynamics 365 Guides apps enable teams to capture usage statistics and detailed time-tracking information. This data is used to provide metrics for operator performance and help you identify opportunities for process optimization. Administrators can turn off data collection for specific users if they like.

To do this:

  1. Go to powerapps.microsoft.com and sign in with your admin account.

  2. In the tenant/instance drop-down, select the instance that has Dynamics 365 Guides installed.

  3. Select the Guides app in the list. This opens a new tab for the Guides portal.

  4. In the left navigation, go to User Settings.

    User Settings

  5. Select New.

    Select New

  6. Fill out the form as follows:

    • Name: Opt out for add user name here.

    • Record Guide Usage: Yes.

    • Belongs To: User’s name.

  7. Select Save.

    Filled-out form

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