Integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service with Dynamics 365 Guides

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service integration (included in version 104.1907.19001) enables Field Service customers to attach guides to Field Service tasks in Dynamics 365 Field Service. When work orders are assigned to technicians, the technicians can use a dedicated Field Service tab in the Dynamics 365 Guides HoloLens app to launch the assigned guide and do their work.

Select guide


To attach guides to service tasks in Dynamics 365 Field Service, you need to have an existing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) instance with Dynamics 365 Field Service version or later. You also need to update to Dynamics 365 Guides solution version 104.1907.0.33 or later (learn how to upgrade the Dynamics 365 Guides solution) and Dynamics 365 Guides PC and HoloLens app versions 104.1907.19001.

Enable your technicians to use Dynamics 365 Guides for work orders

  1. Create a guide using the Dynamics 365 Guides PC and HoloLens apps. For information on creating a guide, see:

  2. Create a Field Service work order and attach a service task to it.

    1. To create a new work order in Dynamics 365 Field Service, select Work Orders in the left navigation, and then select New Work Order.

      Create work order

    2. In the Service Tasks view, select the More Commands button (...), and then select Add New Work Order Service Task.

      Add new task

    3. In the New Work Order Service Task view, select a task type, provide an optional description, and then select a guide to associate with the service task. Select Save when you're done.

      Select task type and associate guide

  3. Assign the work order to a resource (the technician). To do this, you need to create a booking for the resource:

    1. In the Work Order view, scroll down to the Bookings tab, select the More Commands (...) button, and then select Add New Bookable Resource.

      Add bookable resource

    2. In the New Bookable Resource Booking view, schedule the service task at the appropriate time for the technician, and then select the appropriate technician as the resource.

      Schedule and select resource

  4. Have your technician launch the Dynamics 365 Guides app on HoloLens. After signing in, the technician will see the Field Service tab. The tab shows the guide (and any other guides assigned to them) along with a brief description of the booking and when that order is scheduled.

    Select guide


Keep the following in mind:

- The Dynamics 365 Guides HoloLens app shows work orders scheduled for the current day and the following eight days.

- Work orders continue to appear on HoloLens until they're marked as Complete in Field Service or assigned to someone else.

Known issues

  • Service task names that are longer than approximately 50 characters are cut off in the HoloLens user interface.

  • When assigning a guide to a Field Service service task, there's an option to create a new guide. Do not use this option to create a new guide. Guides must be created using the Dynamics 365 Guides PC and HoloLens apps as described in step 1 of this procedure.

    Create a new guide from Field Service

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