What's new in Dynamics 365 Guides


The Dynamics 365 Guides HoloLens and PC apps released on May 4th or later require an April 1 or later version of the Microsoft Dataverse solution (version 600 or later).

If you choose not to update the solution and your PC and HoloLens apps, there's no impact.

Please work with your IT admin to schedule the installation update. See instructions for updating the solution.

This page provides details about the latest releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides organized by release date. To see a comprehensive list of released and upcoming features, see Dynamics 365 and Power Platform release plans.


If you have feature requests or suggested improvements, you can send them to the Dynamics 365 Guides team at https://aka.ms/GuidesIdeas.

August 30 2021

Item Version
PC app 604.2108.20001
HoloLens app (HoloLens 2 only) 604.2108.20001
Solution 600.4.0.2


Feature Solution update required? How to
Select from multiple animations and customize animation settings Yes - Change animation options
- Work with multiple animations in a single 3DS MAX model

Bugs fixed and other improvements

  • Fixed search functionality in Offline mode
  • Improved accessibility, generally
  • Updated the instructions in the default anchoring mode

July 26, 2021

Item Version
PC app 603.2107.20001.0
HoloLens app (HoloLens 2 only) 603.2107.20001.0
Solution 600.3.0.1


Feature Solution update required? How to
Leverage Azure Object Anchors to automatically anchor your guide content to real-world objects Preview Yes - Anchor a guide by using Azure Object Anchors
- Blog: Improve on-the-job guidance with Dynamics 365 Guides and Azure Object Anchors

Bugs fixed and other improvements

  • Improved caching of guides for a better offline experience
  • Fixed privilege validation issue for folders on HoloLens
  • Improved the PC authoring app to better align with accessibility requirements

June 29, 2021

Item Version
PC app 602.2106.19001
HoloLens app (HoloLens 2 only) 602.2106.19001
Solution 600.2.0.2


Feature Solution update required? How to
Folders in PC and HoloLens apps No Create a guide
Consolidated content view in the Guides model-driven app Yes Assign ownership of a guide
Reworked notifications for accessibility No None

Bugs fixed

  • Space planning 3D collection is now fully localized
  • Accessibility bug fixes
  • Improvement to Restricted Author role to allow users to create guides from the Guides model-driven app and the PC app
  • Improvements to deep linking

May 4, 2021

Version info

Item Version
PC app 601.2104.29001.0
HoloLens app (HoloLens 2 only) 601.2104.29001.0
Solution 600.1.0.1


Feature Solution update required? How to
Prepare folders for the Guides list in the Dynamics 365 Guides model-driven app (for admins) Yes Organize guides into folders in Dynamics 365 Guides (for admins)
Measure lengths and angles with new 3D toolkit shapes Yes Add a 3D model from the 3D toolkit

Bugs fixed

  • Fix for PC app crashing when selecting Cancel button after selecting anchor method
  • Fix for Guide Session records not created in Restricted Operator mode
  • Fix for incorrect date shown in Date Modified field (All list)
  • Fix for Power BI visual not appearing after guide run through and step deletion

April 1, 2021


HoloLens (1st gen) has entered Long Term Servicing State and is no longer supported on the latest versions of Dynamics 365 Guides. Customers on HoloLens (1st gen) can continue using the last supported app version (600.2103.19001) released on April 1, 2021. This version of the app is compatible with all 500 solution versions up to and including 600.0.0.1, also released on April 1, 2021. To continue using HoloLens (1st gen), existing customers should not upgrade to a solution version later than 600.0.0.1. Solution version 600.0.0.1 is no longer available for download for new HoloLens 1 customers.

Version info

Item Version
PC app 600.2103.19001
HoloLens app 600.2103.19001
Solution 600.0.0.1


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