Upgrade the Dynamics 365 Guides solution (for admins)

This topic is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrators. Some releases of Dynamics 365 Guides require an update to the Dynamics 365 Guides solution. When an update is required, the user will see a notification in the What's new panel.


Keep the following in mind:

- Before updating the solution in the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, make sure that the Dynamics 365 Guides PC and HoloLens apps have been updated to the latest version from the Microsoft Store.

- Updates to the solution must be done when the PC and HoloLens apps are not in use.

To upgrade the solution:

  1. Go to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center and sign in with the user credentials that have admin permissions for Dynamics 365 Guides.


    To go to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, and then select Admin centers > Dynamics 365 as shown below.

    Microsoft Admin Center

  2. Select the Instances tab, and then choose an instance that has the Dynamics 365 Guides solution installed.

  3. Select the small edit button next to Solutions to see the list of solutions.

    Solutions button

  4. In the list of solutions, select Dynamics 365 Guides, and then select Upgrade.

    Upgrade button


    If you're currently using the public preview version of Dynamics 365 Guides, to get the October 2019 release, you'll need to search for the Dynamics 365 Guides solution, and then select Install instead of Upgrade. This will install the GA version of the solution and remove the public preview solution.

  5. Review the Terms of service, and then select Accept if you're ready to start the upgrade.

    The status of the solution changes to Installation pending, and then changes to Installed when the upgrade is complete.

For more information on upgrading a Dynamics 365 solution, see Install, update, or remove a preferred solution.