Configure and manage custom presence

Omnichannel for Customer Service is a paid add-on to Dynamics 365 Customer Service apps that use the Unified Interface. It is available only when you purchase a subscription to Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service or Dynamics 365 for Digital Messaging. For information about pricing, see the Customer Service page.

Presence status indicates an agent's availability.

A presence status consists of two elements:

  • Base status: The base presence status which indicates an agent's status. Work distribution system distributes work items to agents according to base statuses. There are five base statuses – Available, Busy, Busy-DND, Away, and Offline. The base statuses are available to be selected as Allowed Presences while creating a work stream.
  • Presence text: The text that is associated with a specific base status. This is the text that is visible to agents.

Out of the box presence statuses

Out of the box, Omnichannel provides the following presence statuses:

  • Available
  • Away
  • Busy
  • Busy - DND
  • Offline

Presence view


You cannot edit or delete these out of the box presence statuses.

Create custom presence status

In addition to the out-of-box presence statuses, admins can configure custom presence statuses for agents. For example, if the agents on your team want to attend a training, you can create a custom Away – In Training presence status.

Follow these steps to create a new presence record.

  1. In the Omnichannel site map, go to Agent Experience > Custom Presence.

    The Active Presences view is shown.

  2. On the command bar, select New to create a presence record.

  3. On the Summary tab, provide the following information:

    1. Name: Enter a name for the custom presence status.
    2. Presence Text: Enter presence text that should be associated with the new custom entity.
    3. Base Status: Select the most applicable base status in the list.
    4. Description: Enter a brief description of the custom presence record.
  4. Select Save to save the new presence record.

custom presence

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