Automatically identify customers using pre-chat responses

Omnichannel for Customer Service is a paid add-on to Dynamics 365 Customer Service apps that use the Unified Interface. It is available only when you purchase a subscription to Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service or Dynamics 365 for Digital Messaging. For information about pricing, see the Customer Service page.

Identify and assist customers better by showing their details on the Customer summary page. To automatically identify and load customer and case details for an incoming conversation, you need to set up pre-chat questions in the relevant chat widgets. Customer responses are used to search for details in the records and display the results. For an Account or Contact, the search is performed on Name, Email, or Phone Number field. For Cases, the search is performed on Case Number field.

When an incoming conversation request is received, a notification appears that includes contextual information for the request, including customer details if available. When an agent accepts the incoming notification, the Customer summary page opens, and shows the details of the identified customer and case.

For more information, see View Customer summary for an incoming engagement request.


To know how to create pre-chat questions and use them in a pre-chat survey, see Configure a pre-chat survey.

Use the below question names to create pre-chat questions for an Unauthenticated chat.

Question name Answer type
CaseNumber Single line
Name Single line
Email Single line
Phone Single line

For Authenticated chat, the logged in user details will be used to search and load contact information in the Customer summary page. You can add pre-chat question for Case Number to allow identification of the relevant case for the current conversation.

Question name Answer type
CaseNumber Single line

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