Demo data installation for Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

This topic offers instructions on how to install sample or demo data for Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service capabilities to help you build your own demo environments.

The sample data is available as a downloadable demo package, which you can install in your Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service demo environment that has the Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service add-on.


  • Once installed, you can't uninstall the demo data. 
  • The Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service demo data is available only in English.
  • Install the demo data on a demonstration, evaluation, training, or test environment. We do not recommend installing the demo data in production environments.


The following are required for installing sample data in your target environment:

  • A Common Data Service environment.
  • Your base language is English.
  • The environment has no Omnichannel for Customer Service data already, or has only the default data that comes with a new environment.
  • The environment has Omnichannel for Customer Service provisioned and the Chat channel is enabled.


If you need to install the demo data on top of an existing Chat trial or a demo environment that already has data (not recommended), you'll need to suspend the safety prechecks performed by the installer. For more information, see the Technical notes.

Download the sample data

Download the demo data from the Download Center and save it on your computer.

Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service demo data

Extract files

The Chat demo data installer is a self-extracting executable file. After you download the demo data, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the .exe file that you downloaded.

  2. Accept terms and conditions to unpack the compressed zip file.

  3. Extract the contents of that file to a folder on your computer.

Depending on the operating system and security settings, you might need to perform the following steps after unpacking the zip file:

  1. Open the OmnichannelDemoDataPackage folder.

  2. Right-click the OmnichannelDemoDataPackage.dll file and choose Properties.

  3. Choose Unblock.

    Select unblock

  4. Select Apply.

  5. Select OK.

Set up users

The OmnichannelDemoData package installs a few users such as those listed in the table below. To install the demo data, you need to create (or temporarily rename) users in your Common Data Service environment to match the incoming demo data configuration.

First name Last name User alias Email Role
Alex Allman alexallman Omnichannel Supervisor
Lilly Michael lillymichael System Administrator, Omnichannel Administrator
Penelope Mayo penelopemayo Omnichannel Agent

Configure users

  1. Sign in to your Common Data Service environment.

  2. Select Settings > Security > Users.

  3. Replace "Lilly Michael" with "lillymichael" in the UserFullname="Lilly Michael" tag. Ensure the username is all lowercase.

  4. Select the Lilly Michael user. The user page appears.

  5. Select Manage Roles in the command bar at the top. The Manage User Roles dialog box appears.

  6. Select the check box for the following role names: 

    • System Administrator
    • Omnichannel Administrator
  7. To grant full admin rights to Lilly Michael, select OK.

    This ensures that demo data records are created with the correct user ownership and therefore views are populated correctly.

  8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 for the other users mentioned in the table.

Update data mapping file

Next you need to update a data mapping file with the email address of the default user context in the downloaded package.

  1. Open PkgFolder.

  2. Open the usermap.xml file in Notepad (or another XML editor).

  3. Set the DefaultUserToMapTo= field to the email address of user Lilly Michael.

    For example: <MappingConfiguration DefaultUserToMapTo="">

  4. Select Save.


We recommend creating a backup of your environment so you can revert to the initial stage if you encounter issues during the demo data installation. To learn more, see Back up and restore instances.

Run the package deployer

When you install any of the demo data, the following actions occur during the installation process:

  • Default parameters for using Omnichannel for Customer Service are created and/or set.
  • Demo data and configuration for the applications are imported (Chat widget, Work Streams, Queues, and other entities) to demonstrate key capabilities.

Wondering what capabilities you can demo with the demo data? See the Fabrikam scenario below.

  1. Open the OmnichannelDemoData folder.

  2. Run PackageDeployer.exe.

  3. Accept the terms and conditions.

  4. Specify the following in the connect screen and select Login. In this step, you need to connect to the Common Data Service environment where you want to deploy the demo data:

| Field | Value | Description |
| Deployment Type | Office 365 | To connect to a Common Data Service environment. |
| Display list of available organizations | Select the check box. |
Show Advanced | Select the check box. |
|  Online Region | North America | Select the organization that you want to connect to. |
| User Name | `` | Specify the user name of the system administrator user that you configured in the [Configure users](#configure-users) section. |
| Password |  | Specify the password of the system administrator user that you configured in the [Configure users](#configure-users) section. |

![Dialog box for connecting to an environment](media/omnichannel-sample-data-3.png "Dialog box for connecting to an environment")
  1. Select Next in the subsequent screens until you see the Reading Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service demo data Package Installer Configuration dialog box.

  2. To start the demo data installation, select Next.

    Reading demo data

  3. After the demo data is installed successfully, select Finish.

    Demo data is installed successfully

Verify demo data installation

Verify that the number of records and types of entities listed in the Fabrikam fictitious scenario appear as expected.

After the demo data completely loads, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Omnichannel for Customer Service as the Lilly Michael user.

  2. Verify the following:

    • Go to Omnichannel Administration > Queues & Users > Users to confirm the three Omnichannel users are created.

    • Go to Omnichannel Administration > Queues & Users > Queues to confirm the Queue 1 (sample) and Queue 2 (sample) are created.

    • Go to Omnichannel Administration > Channels > Chat to confirm the Portal Chat (sample) is created.

    • Go to Omnichannel Administration > Work Distribution Management > Work Streams to confirm the Chat Push (sample) is created.

Technical notes

Install demo data in an environment that already has data


We highly recommend that you do not install demo data on top of existing data because in order to do so, you have to remove safety precautions.

If you must install demo data on top of an existing Omnichannel for Customer Service trial or demo environment that already has data, you'll need to suspend the safety prechecks performed by the installer.

To suspend the safety prechecks, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PkgFolder folder.

  2. Open the DemoDataPreImportConfig.xml file with Notepad (or another XML editor).

  3. Set the value of TerminateOnPreCheckFailure from true to false.


This change causes the installer to skip safety prechecks.

Configuration components

There are several configuration components in this pre-import configuration file. For technical users, these include:

  • <RequiredSolutions>: Specifies prerequisite solution installations and their version numbers.

  • <InstallSampleData>: Installs demo data to your Common Data Service environment. This is the same demo data that you can install from Settings > Data Management.

  • <DefaultParameterDescription>: Specifies the default description for the parameters.

Fabrikam scenario

The fictional company Fabrikam is a manufacturer of an electronic device assembly line of robots and is known for its product quality, innovation, and solid customer service, including: installation planning, implementation, and ongoing maintenance services. Fabrikam is headquartered in the United States (Fabrikam, U.S.), and has Customer Service Support (CSS) operations centered in the United States, primarily in the greater Seattle area. The CSS contact center is focused on providing excellent support experiences to their customers.

A high-level overview of the Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service demo data is as follows:

  • Three Omnichannel users
  • One web customer
  • One case
  • Four sessions
  • One Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service work stream
  • One Chat widget
  • One Omnichannel for Customer Service queue

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