Create and apply a deployable package


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This topic describes the workflow for creating and applying a deployable package.

Overview of the packaging and deployment process

The following diagram shows the workflow for creating and applying a deployable package. generate-deployable-package Note: The manual steps that are described in this article will be automated as part of the servicing features that are being developed.

Create a deployable package

After you have completed the development of the modules, follow these steps to create and upload a deployable package.

  1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, select Dynamics 365 > Deploy > Create Deployable Package.
  2. Select the package that contains your model, and then select a location in which to create the deployable package. Selecting a package Selecting a location
  3. After a deployable package is created, sign in to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), and then, in your LCS project, click the Asset Library tile.
  4. Upload the deployable package that you created earlier. Uploading a deployable package

Apply a deployable package

For information about how to apply a deployable package in an environment, see Installing a deployable package.