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This article provides information about the Toolbar and List form subpattern. This subpattern is used to show child collections for the parent entity as either a tabular grid or a tree.


This subpattern is used to show child collections for the parent entity as either a tabular grid or a tree. The toolbar contains fewer than 10 actions. If a grid is used, it contains fewer than 10 fields. This article describes two patterns:

  • Toolbar and list – This is the basic version of the pattern and should be used by default.
  • Toolbar and list (double) – This variant includes two lists and an optional toolbar above each list.


Toolbar and list


Toolbar and list (double)



Toolbar and list – High-level structure


Toolbar (ActionPane, Style=Strip) [Optional]

CustomFilterGroup (Group) [Optional]

Grid | Tree | ListView | Table

Footer (Group) [Optional]

Toolbar and list (double) – High-level structure


Toolbar1 (ActionPane, Style=Strip) [Optional]

CustomFilterGroup1 (Group) [Optional]

Grid | Tree | ListView | Table

Toolbar2 (ActionPane, Style=Strip) [Optional]

CustomFilterGroup2 (Group) [Optional]

Grid | Tree | ListView | Table

Footer (Group) [Optional]

Core components

  • Apply the ToolbarList subpattern to a container control.
  • Address BP Warnings:
    • Grid.DataSource must not be empty.
    • No additional BP checks are required beyond the AX6.3 BP checks that were carried forward.

UX guidelines

The verification checklist shows the steps for manually verifying that the form complies with UX guidelines. This checklist doesn't include any guidelines that will be enforced automatically through the development environment. Open the form in the browser, and walk through these steps. Standard form guidelines:

Toolbar guidelines:


Toolbar and list

Form: VendTable (TabCommunication)


Toolbar and list (double)

Form: SalesQuickQuote (TabPageExistingItems)



Typically used by patterns


Frequently asked questions

This section will have answers to frequently asked questions that are related to this guideline/pattern.

Open issues

  • Does CommandButton.Command contain Add and Remove actions that provide the default icon, label, and tooltip?
    • Not yet. Deliverable 1052359 will look at setting these defaults for Add and Remove commands.
  • Do we care about separators between groups of icons in a migration context?
    • Currently, we don't show separators between button groups on toolbars.

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