Add an email template

If you frequently send the same type of email, save time by using an email template. When you use an email template, Dynamics 365 App for Outlook automatically inserts the information in the email message.

For example, you could use a Thank you template to save time whenever you want to send a thank you message to a customer.

For information on creating email templates: Create templates for email.

Example of an email template.

You must have the appropriate permissions to add email templates.

  1. Compose an email message as you normally would in Outlook.

  2. Select Dynamics 365 to open the Dynamics 365 pane.

    Open App for Outlook pane.

  3. Select More commands Main more commnands button. and then select Insert.

    Select more commands and then insert.

  4. Select Add Template.

    Select add template.

  5. Select the record type. The default is the set regarding record and then select Select.

    Select record type.

  6. Select the search box (Select to search.) to look for an email template.

    Select to enter data in the search box.

  7. Use the search to find a template and then select it.

    Select an email template that you want to use.

  8. After selecting the email template that you want to add, select Add to Email.

    Select to add the template to your email.

  9. The template is added to your email.

    Show email template added to your email.