Change the Dynamics 365 instance, audience, or type of portal

After your portal is created and provisioned, you can change the details of your Dynamics 365 instance and portal.

  1. Go to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center page, and then select the Applications tab.

  2. Select the name of the portal you want to edit, and then select Manage.

  3. Select the Manage Dynamics 365 Instance tab. On this page, you can review the Dynamics 365 instance that is currently linked to your portal.

  4. Select Update Dynamics 365 Instance. In the dialog box, use the provided fields to change your Dynamics 365 instance, portal development status, portal language, or your portal administrator. You can also keep the same Dynamics 365 instance, but change the portal audience or type of portal.


    You can also select a Dynamics 365 instance that uses Common Data Service to provision a Common Data Service starter portal. More information: Common Data Service starter portal

  5. Select the Confirm action button to confirm your changes.

    Change Dynamics 365 instance