Provision a new environment

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios


Effective November 2020:

  • Common Data Service has been renamed to Microsoft Dataverse. For more information, see Power Automate Blog.
  • Some terminology in Microsoft Dataverse has been updated. For example, entity is now table and field is now column. For more information, see Terminology updates.

This topic will be updated soon to reflect the latest terminology.

This topic provides information about how to provision a new Dynamics 365 Project Operations environment for resource/non-stocked based scenarios.

Enable Project Operations automated provisioning in an LCS project

Use following steps to enable the Project Operations automated provisioning flow for your LCS project.

  1. Go to LCS and select the Preview Feature management tile.
  2. In the Preview feature list, select Project Operations Feature, and then select Preview feature enabled to enable Project Operations.


This step is performed only one time per LCS project.

Provision a Project Operations environment

  1. Open a new Dynamics 365 Finance demo environment or sandbox/ production environment deployment.
  2. Walk through the Environment provisioning wizard.


Make sure selected application version is 10.0.13 or higher.

  1. To provision Project Operations, under Advance settings, select Common Data Service.
  2. Enable the Common Data Service Setting by selecting Yes and then enter information in the required fields:
  • Name
  • Region
  • Language
  • Currency
  1. In the Common Data Service Template field, select Project Operations

  2. Select the environment type for your deployment. A subscription-based trial will let you deploy a CDS environment for 30 days.

Deployment Settings


Select Agree to acknowledge the terms of service and then select Done to return to the deployment settings.

Deployment Consent

  1. Optional - Apply demo data to the environment. Go to Advanced settings, select Customize SQL Database Configuration, and set Specify a dataset for Application database to Demo.

  2. Complete the remaining required fields in the wizard and confirm the deployment. The time to provision the environment varies based on the environment type. Provisioning might take up to six hours.

After the deployment completes successfully, the environment will show as Deployed.

  1. To confirm that the environment has deployed successfully, select Login and log on to the environment to confirm.

Environment Details

Apply updates to the Finance environment

Project Operations requires a Finance environment with application version 10.0.13 (10.0.569.20009) or higher.

You might need to apply quality updates to your Finance environment to receive this version.

  1. In LCS, on the Environment details page, in the Available Updates section, select View Update.

View Updates

  1. On the Binary updates page, select Save package.

Save package

  1. Click Select all and then select Save package.

Review and save updates

  1. Enter a name and a description of the package, and then select Save. Depending on the internet connection, this process might take some time.

Upload package to Assets Library

  1. After the package is saved, select Done and save this package to the Assets library in your LCS project.

Saving and validating the package might take ~15 minutes.

  1. To apply the update, navigate to the Environment details page in LCS and select Maintain > Apply updates.

Maintain Environments

  1. In the updates list select the package you created, and select Apply.

Apply Updates

Environment servicing will take some time. After it is complete, the environment will return to a deployed state.

Environment Deployed

Establish a Dual Write connection

  1. In your LCS project, go to the Environment details page.
  2. Under Common Data Service Environment Information, select Link to CDS for Apps.
  3. After the link is complete, select Link to CDS for Apps again. You will be redirected to Dual Write in Finance.

Link to CDS

  1. Select Apply Solution to access the entities that will be mapped in the integration.

Apply Solutions

  1. Select both solutions, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Dual Write Entity Map and Dynamics 365 Project Operations Dual Write Entity Maps, and then select Apply.

Confirm Solutions

After the solutions are applied, the Dual Write entities are applied to the environment.

Applying Solutions

After the entities are applied, all available mappings are listed in the environment.

Dual Write Maps

Refresh the data entities after the update

  1. In Finance, go to the Data management workspace.

Data Management workspace

  1. Select the Framework parameters tile.

Framework Parameters

  1. On the Entity settings page, select Refresh Entity list.

Refresh Entity List

The refresh is going to take approximately 20 minutes. You will receive an alert when it is complete.

Refresh Confirmation

Update security settings on Project Operations on Dataverse

  1. Go to Project Operations on your Dataverse environment.

  2. Go to Settings > Security > Security roles.

  3. On the Security roles page, in the list of roles, select dual-write app user and select the Custom Entities tab.

  4. Verify that the role has Read and Append To permissions for the:

    • Currency Exchange Rate Type
    • Chart Of Accounts
    • Fiscal Calendar
    • Ledger
  5. After the security role is updated, go to Settings > Security > Teams, and select the default team in the Local Business Owner team view.

  6. Select Manage Roles and verify that the dual-write app user security privilege is applied to this team.

Run Project Operations Dual Write maps

  1. In your LCS project, go to the Environment details page.
  2. Under Common Data Service Environment Information, select Link to CDS for Apps. After you select the link, you will be redirected to the list of entities in the mappings.
  3. Start the maps as described in the following table. Make sure to follow the sequence as listed.
Entity Map Refresh entity Initial sync Master for initial sync Run prerequisites Prerequisites initial sync
Project Resource Roles for All Companies (bookableresourcecategories) No Yes Common Data Service No N\A
Legal entities (cdm_companies) No Yes Finance and Operations apps No N\A
Ledger (msdyn_ledgers) No Yes Finance and Operations apps Yes Yes, Finance and Operations apps
Project Operations integration actuals (msdyn_actuals) No No N\A Yes No
Project contract lines (salesorderdetails) No No N\A No No
Integration entity for project transaction relationships (msdyn_transactionconnections) No No N\A No N\A
Project Operations integration contract line milestones (msdyn_contractlinesscheduleofvalues) No No N\A No N\A
Project Operations integration entity for expense estimates (msdyn_estimateslines) No No N\A No N\A
Project Operations integration project expense categories export entity (msdyn_expensecategories) No No N\A No N\A
Project Operations integration project expenses export entity (msdyn_expenses) Yes No N\A No N\A
Project Operations integration entity for hour estimates (msdyn_resourceassignments) Yes No N\A No N\A
  1. To refresh the entity, select the map name, and then select Refresh entities.

Refresh Map

  1. After the refresh is complete, run the map. Before you enable the next map, verify that the map in the table is in a state of Running. Running maps with a larger number of prerequisites might take some time.

To run a map with prerequisites, enable the Show related entity maps toggle. If the table indicates Prerequisite initial sync is No, verify that the Initial sync flag is Off in all the prerequisite maps before you run it.

Run Map

  1. Validate all project related maps are in the running state.

All Maps Running

Apply configuration data in CDS for Project Operations (optional)

If you have applied demo data to the Finance environment, see Set up and apply configuration data in the Common Data Service for Project Operations to apply demo data to CDS environment.

Your Project Operations environment is now provisioned and configured.


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